Panel Of The Week – 2/2/11

She-Hulks #4 gets lucky with a very weak week in my comics reading, and as such picks up panel of the week with a nice splash page by  Ryan Stegman of Jennifer and Lyra getting their butts kicked but doing it while well-dressed (and well-drawn).

This was my least favorite issue of the series, as it felt rushed and unsatisfying, and all the emotional beats fell completely flat, possibly in part because this was cut from an ongoing to a mini-series early on and the plotting may have been adjusted to fit that new schedule, but the art was still really good throughout.  It would have been nice to see this series, which had serious potential, given a chance.  I could have done with fewer bubble baths, cruise line crashes, and Jennifer and Lyra looking a little different (and definitely different ages!) but the costume choices were smart and well-considered throughout and the art overall was very pretty and easy to follow.  Too bad it was cut short.

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