Cover Of The Week – 2/16/11

These Esad Ribic Uncanny X-Force covers continue to impress me.  The kind of stiff, slick style is usually not my thing, but how Ribic stages the composition gives them this fantastic movement…they feel full of movement and that we’re just getting a look at a split second of it all on pause.  I really like them…this one is so flawless and elegant it almost looks like dancing…like ballet…which I guess has more in common with great choreographed action than we probably give it credit for.

I’m not sure why only one character is an actual X-character…but I don’t really care.  When you’re cool, you’re cool.

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  1. Nick Marino’s avatar

    yeeessss! great cover! great choice! Ribic rules.

  2. Maverickman874’s avatar

    I haven’t read this issue yet, but did you get to read the first four? If yes, what did you think of it ?

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