Cover Of The Week – 3/9/11

Oops.  First ever Cover of the Week F up.  I read Magus #3 digitally this week, and as such wasn’t looking at the cover as a contender when I made my decision…but that’s a mistake, because though I really like the Zatanna #10 cover I prefer Magus #3.

So here I am, rectifying the error.  I’ll give Zatanna #10 a strong honorable mention as it’s still a nice cover, but my vote has to go with Fiona Staples gorgeous Magus #3 cover.  A great perspective choice really gives this image powerful movement. That, combined with wonderful composition and color choices, not to mention, it’s got a fucking dragon, makes this a home run as far as I’m concerned.

I like everything about this Stephane Roux cover for Zatanna #10.  The posing and expression is perfect, the empty space is fitting, and the slight wooden texture to Zatanna is just dead on, subtle enough, but not too subtle.  Plus, there’s CLIFF CHIANG art inside when you open it.  NOTHING CAN BE BETTER!  :)

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  1. ross’s avatar

    pretty good cover but isn’t the marionette/puppet strings pretty played out by now? i think every series is required to have one of these covers, i guess, haha. even i drew one years ago (by the publishers request, however)!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: yeah, it’s def mot original, but it well fits the actual story (in which Zatanna is turned into an ACTUAL marionette) so I feel like that makes me like it better – i.e. it’s not just a metaphor or a tease, it’s really legitimately a look at what happens inside.

    Sidenote, I LOVE your marionette cover. MARIONETTES FOR EVERYONE!

  3. Fiona Staples’s avatar

    I’ve got to point out that this cover is mistakenly credited to me- it’s actually Rebekah’s fine work. I only painted the #1 cover (over Rebekah’s pencils) but my name is attached to the others for some reason. I agree that it’s an awesome image!

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Fiona Staples: Thanks so much for the correction. To be honest, I did think it looked more like Rebecca’s work than yours…but double-checked the credits…alas, sounds like the credits are wrong.

    Regardless, thanks for the correction – you’re both awesome and deserve buckets of gold (among other things) for the fantastic work you’ve been putting out there…keep it up!

  5. Omar Guerinot’s avatar

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