I hate doing polls because if people don’t respond then you feel all shitty about your blog readership…but I’m in a bind and need MY PEOPLE to let me know what they want.

I like to try to be a democracy when I can.

So DC Comics Solicitations for June came out this past week…I’ve been holding off on doing Cover Solicits In Three Sentences or Less so that I could bring back DRUNK Cover Solicits In Three Sentences or Less, as the response last time kind of demanded it.  However, Marvel’s Cover Solicits haven’t released yet, and I can’t afford to get drunk twice in one week (for both monetary and time reasons…sad, I know)…so we’ll let the people decide how to proceed…

UPDATE: The people have spoken…and they prefer DRUNK cover solicits, but they are a patient people, so they’d rather wait and have DC & Marvel come later, and drunk.  SO BE IT.  Stay tuned next week for DC & MARVEL DRUNK COVER SOLICITS!  Thanks for voting everyone.


  1. ross’s avatar

    i think i may have voted twice, i clicked but then nothing happened, refreshed my script-blocker, then voted again.

    i don’t mind one way or the other, whichever’s more fun for you, but maybe you could save drunkenness for particular bad solicits? like if one month a publisher’s covers are especially crappy, sexist, whatever, then you bust out the Drunk Style to help you, and everybody else, through it! :)

  2. uthor’s avatar

    Your solicits are funny either way. Don’t feel the need to get drunk for our sake. If you just so happen to be drunk, though, I’m not going to complain.

  3. Brendan T’s avatar

    I kind of feel like I’m endorsing alcoholism.

    But dammit, I love those drunken cover solicits.

    Really though, I like the feature in either form. It’s the knowledge/wit that gets me. Any drunkenness is just an added bonus.

    I voted for drunk solicits, but honestly, I’m kind of uncomfortable with the idea of you drinking JUST for this. So um, if you want to get drunk anyway and you’re game for this, go for it. Either way I’m happy to read the feature.

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Just so we’re clear…you guys are not encouraging anything I don’t WANT to do…just that I can’t afford two hang overs (time wise) and two nights of drinking (money-wise) in the span of a week in order to do the solicits separately.

    I much enjoyed the drunk solicits (as did many of you) and never have to have my arm twisted to drink a bottle of Veuve (who would!?) I just don’t think I can do it this weekend for one set of solicits and then again later this week (possibly on a workday no less) for another set…so I need to just do it tonight for one, or later for both…

    But then I figured I needed an option for people who preferred the old NON-DRUNK version. :)

    So don’t worry…there’s no pressure here…just a poll about logistics. XD

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