Panel Of The Week – 3/16/11

So this week was an embarrassment of great panels…so rather than torturing myself trying to decide, I’m just gonna show you a whole bunch.  Enjoy!

Some awesomeness from Power Girl #22 courtesy of Judd Winick and Sam Basri:

A hilarious bit from Nick Spencer on Morning Glories #8, I’d like Dead Poets Society so much more if it had Casey’s ending!:

Some cool and hero-y action from Rick Remender and Rafael Albuquerque in Uncanny X-Force #5.1

As well as some Psylocke being all badass and ninja-y also in Uncanny X-Force #5.1

And in a fantastic issue of Generation Hope (by far the best yet) thanks to a good script by Kieron Gillen and some sweet Jamie McKelvie art, a few Emma Frost tidbits:

Oh Emma, you’re such a delicious bitch:

Bring it on comics…I expect this much good stuff next week as well because I’M GREEDY!

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