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I read some really good stuff this week (two books that got 4.5 stars), and some really bad stuff (I gave my lowest rating yet – 1.5 stars) so find out which books to avoid and which to put on your must read list!

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The New York Five #3

Wolverine & Jubilee #3

New Mutants #23

5 Ronin #4

X-Men #9

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  1. Hutch’s avatar

    Here is what I’d like to know in regards to X-Men #9.
    In the earlier issues of this story, Spider-Man told the X-Men that these lizard creatures were not monsters and instead had been transformed (he assumed by the Lizard). He stopped Wolverine from attacking them in fact when they first ran into each other in the story.
    Yet in this issue Wolverine is hacking away (and we see one definite shot with claws to the head — so that is a kill shot — and another place where it looks like he took off someone’s hand and part of their forearm.

    So —- what exactly happened to the “don’t hurt them because they are not really monsters”? Wolverine is not only hurting them, he is killing them.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Yeah…I’m not sure. I thought there was something in issue 8 where they acknowledged that some of them were human and some weren’t…? But I could totally be imagining that. I’m not sure where my issue 8 is to dig out and check.

    But if not, you’re right…big problem there!

  3. herring’s avatar

    I noticed what might be a typo in the wolverine and jubilee review.
    You’ve got:
    Cover by
    Leinil Francis Yu, Marte Gracia

    But I was of the understanding Nimit Malavia was the cover artist. Normally I wouldn’t notice but I have some mixed feelings over the covers, especially as compared to the Coipel one on issue 1.

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @herring: Thanks for the catch! I emailed the editor, hopefully he can change it. It was my error, from using the same document as a base that had Yu as a cover artist (New Mutants #23).

    I agree that the covers after issue #1 have really not been strong. Which is a shame.

  5. acespot’s avatar

    My problem with the Wolverine and Jubilee series is that the quest for the mysterious macguffin is too prominent, whereas actual character interaction should be the focus. Especially since the radiation levels in Chernobyl are no longer dangerous. You can see images and videos all over the internets showing the radiation levels as having normalized. So any series that uses that premise as a central conceit is, well, more than 20 years out of date…especially so since Chernobyl is no longer in the news. Now were this to have been set in Japan at the site of the most recent radiological disaster, it would have made more sense. Of course, this issue was likely written months before that occurred, so, well, yeah.

  6. herring’s avatar

    I think in a comic which prominently features vampires, zombies and mutants, one would have to be rather optimistic to hope that they bothered to accurately portray radioisotope decay rates, however I would note that several of the major radioactive elements ejected from Chernobyl have relatively long half-lives (the major radio isotopes of Caesium and Strontium are both ~30 years if memory serves). Furthermore we have the problem of just how much time has passed in universe since the 80s (to take the worst example: Jubilee is apparently still 17, and she was originally introduced back then as ~16).

    Now to be fair the effects of the radiation shown (death within a matter of hours) are completely unreasonable for anything short of being in proximity to sizable chunks of strongly radioactive material. The only time people were exposed to that at chernobyl was immediately after the explosion and right next to the reactor, where the ground was covered in bits of core material. The only real explanation is the commies figuring “this place is already pretty much screwed, so we might as well use the caves in the area as a full nuclear waste dump”.

    Inspite of that, I like the idea that evil vampire lady needed Wolverine just because he can survive high radiation levels and wanted Jubilee as leverage. It ties nicely with the fact that there are apparently millions of vampires, making Jubilee herself otherwise unremarkable as a target.

    I must say that I too thought the best part of this mini is the character interaction, but what makes that interaction so great is that it evolves organically from the situation and doesn’t seem forced. I think it would probably detract from the comic if they (for example) stopped everything and broke into an emo over-articulated Dawson’s Creek style rant on their current feelings.

  7. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @acespot & herring:

    Hmm. I had no idea about the Chernobyl radiation levels…it seems kind of like a big mistake…and one that would have been easy to avoid…so it puzzles me.

    That said, is it interesting that we’re unwilling to accept a false premise about the Chernobyl radiation levels in present day in a story about vampires and healing factors, and blades coming out of someone’s forearms…not to mention whatever dimensional pocket that charm seems to open?

    Kind of interesting to me actually…what we need to be real and what we don’t.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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