Panel Of The Week – 3/23/11

Sometimes you just gotta pick the simplest panel that is the best example of great storytelling and great character work.

When an artist can tell me the internal thoughts of a character in just a single expressive panel – in this case a tiny sliver of a character’s face – you have to realize you’re dealing with an insanely talented artist…the kind of artist that makes comics worth reading, worth loving.

As is the case with Phil Noto on this week’s Wolverine and Jubilee #3.

Take a look:

So goddamn good.  Thank you Phil Noto!

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  1. litbandit’s avatar

    It looks like someone is asking him if they can have his last beer and Wolverine is all “you really gonna ask that question…punk?”

  2. herring’s avatar

    Jubilee had a similar expression in issue 2. Seems neither her nor Wolverine have particularly high opinions of zombies.

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