Two More Reviews On CBR…

I’ve got one more week of reviews coming on CBR, though it will only be two books, so get the reviews while you can!

In addition to reviewing The Walking Dead #83 and Wonder Woman #609 earlier in the week, Zatanna #11 and Cyclops #1 went up today.

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  1. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    Kelly, thanks for the efforts. While I have not read most of your reviews and still playing catch up on 3 Chicks (which I love), you have been providing a valuable service. One I actually wanted. Someone I trust, trudging through superheo books (so I don’t have too…when you complain about this, I really get it). I can’t tell you how many times you have left me gilt free with 3 bucks in my pocket.

    I apologize for going off the handle on my last response to 3 Chicks (my painties where in a wad). I am embaraced by my lack of understanding of agency. I think there is a balance out there, but clearly Mervel and DC have yet to find it.

    What a cluster fuck WW has become.

    Request: Some of your effort will help Savannah out when she is older. But there have been a few books you have pointed me to that she reads now (Muppets, Thor & Warriors Four, Pet Avengers, Tiny Titans [is there anything more perfect]). She also digs Toy Story and Monters Inc. Could you review more kids comics? Particularly for little girls, who love superheos (Savannah is a HUGE Thor fan…sucks she can’t watch the movie).

    While I am wishing,  in general I wish there was a more committed effort in reviewing Fantagraphics, D&Q and Top Shelf at CBR. TCJ is great, but can be a pain in the ass and bias in a way that bugs me. I could see CBR taking a less egotistical and more populist approach.

    Thanks again.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Ben: Hey thanks.

    I just this weekend saw your 3 Chicks comment…don’t think you were out of line. I’m trying to leave you a response there actually…but something’s going on with the site. Will try again later.

    Unfortunately, re: Kids books – I don’t know that I really know many other monthlies beyond the ones you list…it’s possible they exist…but when I look around, I don’t see much else, which is sad.

    Some recommendations anyway though…I’ve heard Scratch 9 is very good, as well as Supergirl Adventures of the 8th Grade (though certainly she’s probably a bit young for all of that and I haven’t read either book yet myself). When she gets older I’d recommend Drew Weing’s Set to Sea, as well as Eleanor Davis’ Secret Science Alliance. Eleanor also has a book that might be good for Savannah now called Stinky. And I don’t know if Katie Cook is ever going publish her Gronk webseries in print…but that would be a good webcomic for Savannah (eventually). How old is she now actually…I’m not sure? Another “future” book you might look into is Canaan Grail’s Celadore, which I’ve got on my to read list and which is a print version of his popular Zuda comic. Additionally, check out Hereville and I think Shadoweyes by Campbell, Mercury by Larson, Chiggers by Larson, Smile by Telegemier, and The War At Ellsmere by Hicks are all good YA offerings for an older Savannah as well, and I feel like there’s a real explosion of YA talent in comics that is going to give girls like Savannah a lot of amazing books in the coming years.

    On my to read list that everyone raves about, and which sounds right up Savannah’s alley is Thor: Mighty Avenger which part one of is out in trade right now…trade two coming soon. Too old for Savannah I suspect, but eventually sounds perfect for her.

    Unfortunately, my reviewing time at CBR (like the above) is only temporary as I was filling in for regulars that were out. She Has No Head! will continue to do stuff that’s less mainstream – I’ve got a post on Brian Wood’s Demo Volume 2 coming up tomorrow and it’s brilliant (not my post, the collected trade). I’ve also got a post on the Stumptown collected trade coming up. That said, to be honest, it’s pretty frustrating reviewing smaller stuff on SHNH (and I imagine it’s even worse on CBR) as it just doesn’t get the readers. I raved about Kindt’s Revolver last summer and the hits were paltry and it only got like 6 comments…3 of which were my own I think! So you can imagine how exhausting it is to pour your energy and time into a review and then just get such a paltry response. So I try to mix it up on SHNH, big with small…it’s not a perfect system though.

    If you want recommends straight from CBR, I highly recommend checking out their 100 best of 2010 (and from earlier years). I participated in this last year’s list and I was surprised how non-mainstream it skewed. Here’s a link to the whole list:

    Hope all is well with you otherwise!

  3. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    I’ve enjoyed your reviews during your fill-in; I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to contribute more on a regular (or even semi-) basis. (I’ve been clicking “like”!)

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