Panel Of The Week – 4/13/11

Every once in a while I enjoy some funny bit of writing so much that writing wins out over art and takes panel of the week (or in this case, page of the week).  This is from Kieron Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men #535.  The art, which is lovely as always, but not some crazy mindblowing something (talking heads rarely are) is Terry and Rachel Dodson.

I just love Dr. Nemesis* and his bitchy little better than everyone else attitude…which must just be a thing I like, because it’s one of the reasons I enjoy Emma Frost so much as well.   In fact, it might just be the writer in me knowing how deliciously fun those characters are to write.  Suffice to say that when Dr. Nemesis and Emma trade witty bitchy barbs I am in HEAVEN.  Anyway, Gillen nails it here, as Dr. Nemesis talks to Magneto in a way almost nobody talks to Magneto.  I love when comics are fun.  LOOOOVE IT.

Bonus points for use of “Nazis”, “Science sticks”, “Foolish Space Tin”, and referring to Cyclops as “The one-eyed visir” all in one awesome page.  HI-LARIOUS.

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PS – Ross, this is Dr. Nemesis!  😉

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  1. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    Not only did Gillen/Caramagna spell “vizier” wrong in the book, you spelled it wrong a different way in the post! Yes, I’m evil. You wanna fight?

  2. ross’s avatar

    i don’t know how i feel about this Dr. Nemesis guy…

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Greg: Meet me at 3 o’clock, by the swingsets. IT’S ON!

    @ross: but, but, he says “foolish space tin”! :(

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