Reviews For: Uncanny X-Men #535 & Birds of Prey #11

Two new reviews are up on CBR.  That’s it for me this week, but next week I’ve got 3 books…two of which I’m very excited about, one of which I’m already kind of regretting.

Uncanny X-Men #535

Birds of Prey #11

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    Re Birds of Prey:
    Gail shouldn’t be under any real cancellation pressure. Birds of Prey still had over 30000 in sales estimates as of March, and that would have been a fair bit higher if it weren’t for the artist problems. The two biggest reader hemorrhages after the second issue (which always drops relative to the first) were on issues 5 and 6 when Benes got too sick to work and the remedial artists were average at best (as well as the editors lack of contingency plan causing the October deadline to be missed). They dropped around 6000 readers on each of those issues over the previous, which is sad because issue 6 had the first arc finale with Huntress being quite Awesome.

    That being said, Birds of Prey is still doing better than Batgirl did on the same issue number and a lot better than most of the DC female character comics currently are (Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens, and Zatanna). Its also only slightly below Wonder Woman. It might be that the time pressure you noticed is coming from the need to make a deadline for one of the (too) many big crossover events. We also have the “when heroes are in trouble they call the birds of prey” tagline, which has been utterly irrelevant so far but sounds like it could tie into some crossover event. On the other hand IIRC they dropped that tagline on issue 10 so maybe it was all just sales hype.

    In any case I’d be picking the May issue to have improved sales figures given: (A) A new (GOOD) fulltime artist and (B) Start of another story arc.


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