Wolverine & Jubilee #4 and Generation Hope #6 Reviews On CBR…

This week on CBR I reviewed Wolverine & Jubilee #4 and Generation Hope #6…and loved them both, click to find out why!

Wolverine & Jubilee #4

Generation Hope #6

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  1. herringno1’s avatar

    Great reviews as always. But I thought the accountant was a zombie, not a vampire :p

    I was quite surprised with the number of forum comments and user reviews saying the Wolverine and Jubilee plot was “weak” or “confusing”. They didn’t seem to “get” that the main plot is Jubilee just sorting herself out and coming to terms with her new situation; the events of ending up kidnapped, trapped etc seemed to be more of a background for the character story to play out against in my opinion. That said, I thought the “background events” were quite internally consistent as well, if not directly spelled out. The only thing I can think of is that as the story telling style was much more dependent on interpreting the art, many who are used to being spoon-fed by written narration may have suffered.

    Re where Jubilee is trapped:
    I thought it was some stereotypical “pocket dimension” outside the regular universe, though as you say it really doesn’t matter. Wherever it is, gravity doesn’t work properly there: big objects like trains appear to hang motionless (implying possibly no gravity), while small objects like people can stand up and walk or run on them (implying they are under the influenece of close to earth strength gravity). You might be able to reconcile everything by suggesting the big objects are in orbit around each other, but in order for that to really work AND keep the small objects sufficiently attracted to the big objects, you’d need to greatly increase the universal gravitational constant. Hence not in the main universe.

    Re the covers:
    I actually suspect the Coipel cover was not originally planned, as a cover by Malavia (later touted as an “alternate cover”) was the one first advertised. It was bad even compared with the later covers (one of Wolverine’s fore arms was way too long, and the background was a very bland red) and I suspect they roped in Coipel to at least make sure the first issue looked good.

  2. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    What was the third book for this week that you were supposed to review (which you were “regretting”)? Did you pass on/get out of it?

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @herringno1: You may be right about the accountant! Zombie makes more sense!

    Let’s hope the trade has the Coipel cover!

    @Keith Bowden: I don’t want to say what the book is since I’m not going to review it and didn’t read it, but basically it was a “fun” looking book with some female leads that could have been awesome or really bad…and I feared it would be really bad. They didn’t have it at my shop (or the second shop I went to) so I ended up not reviewing it. Possibly a blessing, maybe one day I’ll find out.

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