I’m Going Through A “Thing”…

…as a writer and artist, and frankly as a person.  Not going to really delve into it, but I came across this great bit on twitter, which I will just say is some damn damn fine advice.  Advice I’m going to keep trying to remember. Every day. In fact, I’m thinking of having it tattooed on my arm.

The last two for me, are particularly relevant.  Oh, and number 4. I always forget number 4 (um, and 5 and 7).


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  1. Adam Greene’s avatar

    I both knew nothing of this and really like it. We write this at the apartment!

  2. Brendan T’s avatar

    At this stage, I could pretty much repost this entire thing and it’d apply to me. Thanks for putting it up. Brightened my day.

  3. ross’s avatar

    i just tweeted about this! pretty good list. i never do #1 (unless you count livejournal but that contradicts #7, heh) or #2.

    i’d be interested in hearing the author go more into the last one, like saying no in what context? “Ross, could you pick me up from the airport?” “No.” :\

  4. optionalplayer’s avatar

    And excellent little bti of advice there. I’ve booked marked this website to try and keep myself motivated with writing.


  5. toasty redhead’s avatar

    Thank you for a great post.

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