Panel Of The Week – 5/11/11

I’d love to give this week’s panel of the week to the reappearance of Cass Cain in Batman Inc. #6, since I’m pretty excited (though also super nervous) about her return to the Bat books as “Blackbat”.  But in truth, I don’t love the costume – the shredded cape is just ridiculous – even more ridiculous than regular capes – which we all know are ridiculous, but which at least look badass.  It also doesn’t really “look” like Cass.  i.e. if a caption didn’t tell me it was her, I’d have had no idea.  See?

So I can’t really pick that as a “panel of the week” much as I would have liked to.  HOWEVER, I can pick this creepy awesome bit from Batman Inc. #6:

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