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So last year I did a post I really enjoyed, about my 12 Birthday Wishes, since my She Has No Head! column fell on my birthdate.

While recording 3 Chicks this week, Sue asked if I was doing it again, and I said no.  I didn’t do it again because A) my column didn’t fall on my exact birthday and B) it was a lot of work, and I was tired.  But in looking at the post again I realized that I ALSO didn’t do it because of secret reason C) which is that it was “too depressing”  – i.e. short of Stumptown #4 coming out and me buying myself some things, pretty much NONE of my birthday wishes came true.  I guess you could make an argument that #11 sort of came true since Marvel did the excellent Strange Tales this past year, but short of that, all my awesome wishes remain painfully unfulfilled.  So sad.  Head on over to the original post to check those awesome unfulfilled wishes out.

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…to have really talented friends that draw comics.  Cause then you get birthday presents like this!


Courtesy of my good friend and supremely talented writer and artist Ross Campbell.

Thanks Ross!

xoxoxo, Kelly

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The new episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics is up on CSBG.  Check it out!

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“The X-Team, currently a bizarre mix of Professor Xavier, Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Legion, and Frenzy continues to hunt down Legion’s escaped personas which are wreaking havoc wherever they go. Our heroes spend most of their time fighting Chain, a persona that can turn everyone he touches into a duplicate of himself, and who has turned a large part of London into himself by the time the X-Men arrive. Also on the loose is Susan in Sunshine, who is dispatched with clever somewhat mean-spirited tactics by Frenzy. The X-Men defeat both personas and Legion is able to re-absorb them with relative ease — although anyone actually at ease with that whole “digital watch that holds powerful personas in check” is insane — but Styx remains on the loose and may in fact be hunting the X-Men…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of X-Men Legacy #251 here.

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““Secret Avengers” #14 bounces back in time between the life of Brunhilde and the origin of Valkyrie, to one of the many battlefields of “Fear Itself,” as a handful of soldiers march behind Valkyrie to their likely deaths. The story begins with a pair of soldiers avoiding preparing for a battle related to “Fear Itself” and then draws comparisons between their day and Brunhilde’s journey from princess to Odin’s Valkyrie…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Secret Avengers #14 here. 

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““Gates of Gotham” #2 presents a dense and layered mystery that continues to unravel itself as we explore Gotham’s creation while the modern day Bat-family tries to prevent its destruction. “Gates of Gotham” presents a detailed and fascinating look at the most famous fictional city in comics, and one full of mysteries just waiting to be discovered…”

Read the rest of my review of Gates of Gotham #2 on CBR here.

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Valkyrie = Motherfuckingbadass.

This panel from Scot Eaton and Secret Avengers #14

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An easy win this week for this cover by Dustin Nguyen for Gates of Gotham #2. Gorgeous!

Bonus points for Cass Cain being on the next Gates of Gotham Nguyen cover (below).  I hate that silly cape – I mean, capes are silly anyway, but look awesome so we let it go – so when a cape is both extra silly and looks like crap…what’s the point? –  anyway, everything else about this cover is awesome:



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This week on She Has No Head! I take a swing at my own DC 52 line up.  It was fun, but exhausting…take a look!

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“Uncanny X-Men” is a solid and pretty book, and there’s nothing especially wrong with it. However it’s also not anything you’ll think about a half hour after you’ve finished reading it. This means that it’s better than a whole lot of comics out there, but certainly not living up to its potential with the current creative team..”

You can read the rest of my CBR Review of Uncanny X-Men #538 here.

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