Wonder Woman! Or not…


  1. Hooper Triplett’s avatar

    And I would have still watched it.

  2. ross’s avatar

    i wish i could get a copy of this! i gotta say WW looks awesome in that photo there, though. and i like that in the pilot she throws a pipe through a guy’s throat. now that’s a WW i can get into!!! XD

  3. Johnnie at GentlemanREDUX’s avatar

    Haha – that little FAQ was hilarious!

  4. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Bricken got a little too worked up at the end of his FAQ – he stopped making sense! :) This pilot was so rushed and so sloppy, it makes me wonder (no pun intended) exactly what the real reason for making it is. Was this similar to the infamous Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie in that the rights were about to expire and they needed something made in order to hold on to them (and yet still do nothing with the property)?

    Palicki does look good in the stills I’ve seen (even though the costume looks cheap). Lynda Carter looked good, too – even though that show was just unwatchable. (And yet I enjoyed it as a kid…)

    Oh well, at least I was finally able to get a copy of the Warkiller tpb – I now have all of Gail Simone’s collected run.

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