She Has No Head! – Again, She Has No Head…

A new SHE HAS NO HEAD! is up on CSBG.  I finally weigh in on all this Flashpoint/Post-Flashpoint DC Relaunch madness.

Good times!

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  1. BB’s avatar

    No, you just freaking look at her head! Does it even remotely look goddamn cut-off? This is an facial expression of a teenage model making photos of herself in the mirror!.. Jesus, I’m so disgusted with this – it’s a severed head, for God’s sake, what the hell is wrong with this people.

  2. Brendan T’s avatar

    More than anything, I’m wondering where her neck is, actually…

  3. carol’s avatar

    So there are so many things that make me sigh in these pictures. I will just say that I share you complete lack of faith in the architects of DC’s changes. Also, Mera’s lack of flesh between her shoulder and breast is just plain weird and is a depressing reminder of how many ladies with breast jobs serve as source material.

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