CBR Review: Flashpoint – Wonder Woman & The Furies #1

““Wonder Woman And The Furies” #1 is a book I did not expect to like given some of the promotional material and my dislike of seeing the Amazons presented as crazy man-hating warriors thirsty for blood. However, against all odds Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning turn in a fairly interesting story that sets a reasonable stage for the war fans know is coming crashing through “Flashpoint” this summer…”

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  1. Darnell Johnson’s avatar

    Yeah, I agree totally with your review. Pretty disappointed myself. I hope they can make something out of the next one. If they have a bunch of 3d rendered crap again I’m just going to sulk and stay away from WW for awhile. I sometimes wonder is is WW cursed? She cant have a TV show, a movie, a love life, a nice jet, a society that attacks any place with a male, and above all A GOOD START IN THE FP SERIES =(!? Wow, she cant have anything nice. No offence to DC comics, shes a great character and all, maybe they have a grand plan in mind that will make

    JOKE: When Wonder Woman has an accident, she calls AA.A(Amazons Attack. Again)

    PS: I want to give it a two star, does that mean I see your review as a 2 star, or the book?

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