Panel Of The Week – 6/22/11

Valkyrie = Motherfuckingbadass.

This panel from Scot Eaton and Secret Avengers #14

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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    I have to say… if they can change the rest of the outfit, they can alter the metal cups. But anyway… badass is right!

  2. ross’s avatar

    she looks awesome but those boob circles have got to go, haha. XD. total fashion disaster. i love her hair, though. is she Thor-related somehow? i don’t know shit about Thor either, guess i better head to wikipedia.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross & keith: yeah, the metal headlights have to go. But it’s pretty great that Eaton can make her look this amazing, even with the metal headlights. Extra impressive.

    @ross: Well the REAL Valkyrie is an awesome Norse legend/myth of women that choose who will die in battle and then ferry them to Valhalla.

    I guess technically that’s who she is in Marvel comics – though mostly she’s a superhero. Not sure how being a superhero relates to ferrying the dead to Valhalla. But yes, she’s connected to the Thor stories – as Valhalla is ruled by Odin (Thor’s dad). She’s currently in the Avengers. Used to be in Defenders. I guess in Marvel comics lore she’s been a few different women…like re-incarnated or something…? I find it all very confusing. This one, pictured, is supposed to be the “original” i.e. Brunhilde, a woman chosen “long ago” to be Odin’s Valkyrie.

    Honestly, I’ve always been disappointed (in what I’ve read) with what they do with Valkyrie…because there’s so much potential, but they really don’t go all out. Would love to get my hands on that character.

    ps – her hair is AWESOME.

  4. ross’s avatar

    i’m sort of familiar with the Norse valkyries, yeah, choosers of the slain and ferrying them across Bifrost the rainbow bridge into Valhalla and then giving them mead or whatever, falling in love with mortals, etc. old role-playing games and listening to a lot of metal can sometimes be educational, haha. XD

  5. TS’s avatar

    Valkyrie reminds me a lot of Ms. Marvel, in that I love her character so much in theory and she’s fierce when certain artists draw her ‘right’ (aka like a human being), but her back story is so confusing that even I lose interest. Someone needs to clean up both their storylines and restart them with their own books. Because they rule.

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