CBR Review: X-Men Legacy #251

“The X-Team, currently a bizarre mix of Professor Xavier, Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Legion, and Frenzy continues to hunt down Legion’s escaped personas which are wreaking havoc wherever they go. Our heroes spend most of their time fighting Chain, a persona that can turn everyone he touches into a duplicate of himself, and who has turned a large part of London into himself by the time the X-Men arrive. Also on the loose is Susan in Sunshine, who is dispatched with clever somewhat mean-spirited tactics by Frenzy. The X-Men defeat both personas and Legion is able to re-absorb them with relative ease — although anyone actually at ease with that whole “digital watch that holds powerful personas in check” is insane — but Styx remains on the loose and may in fact be hunting the X-Men…”

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    what’s happening to this book after schism?

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