Last Year’s Birthday Wishes…

So last year I did a post I really enjoyed, about my 12 Birthday Wishes, since my She Has No Head! column fell on my birthdate.

While recording 3 Chicks this week, Sue asked if I was doing it again, and I said no.  I didn’t do it again because A) my column didn’t fall on my exact birthday and B) it was a lot of work, and I was tired.  But in looking at the post again I realized that I ALSO didn’t do it because of secret reason C) which is that it was “too depressing”  – i.e. short of Stumptown #4 coming out and me buying myself some things, pretty much NONE of my birthday wishes came true.  I guess you could make an argument that #11 sort of came true since Marvel did the excellent Strange Tales this past year, but short of that, all my awesome wishes remain painfully unfulfilled.  So sad.  Head on over to the original post to check those awesome unfulfilled wishes out.

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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Imagine if you’d asked for something hard, like world peace or something. 😀 (Didn’t you even get your giant collected Astonishing X-Men?)

    Happy birthday, Kelly!

  2. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    That’s what happens when you don’t tell people your address so they can’t send you presents in the mail. It’s your own damned fault, really. :)

  3. ross’s avatar

    Cass Cain kind of came back, i guess…? WITH AN AWESOME CAPE! 😉 but now i guess she’s gone again.

    your wishes were a tall order, though, i mean a moratorium on unzipped costumes?? let’s be realistic.

  4. 5MinuteMarvels’s avatar

    Wait a minute … are you saying 5 Minute Marvels hasn’t conquered the univserse yet? Please don’t tell Cate. She’s been bragging about that at summer camp. It would crush her to think she and Grace aren’t actually monarchs. :)

    Happy birthday, KT!

  5. Sue’s avatar

    Kelly didn’t you wish for two talented and lovely chicks you could do a podcast with? Because you know …. XD hope it was a great day!

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Keith: I DID get all the books I wanted. :) Though mostly from my own pocket.

    @Greg: You are right Greg. What was I thinking!?

    @ross: You’re right. Unzipped costumes was thinking FAR TOO BIG. Will re-evaluate for next time.

    @Tim: Well, they’re certainly on their way to world domination but I’d say they’ve got a ways to go.

    @Sue: You are right! I didn’t even know I could/should be asking for something so awesome…you rarely know what it is you REALLY want. :)

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