Sometimes It’s Extra Awesome…

…to have really talented friends that draw comics.  Cause then you get birthday presents like this!


Courtesy of my good friend and supremely talented writer and artist Ross Campbell.

Thanks Ross!

xoxoxo, Kelly

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  1. 5MinuteMarvels’s avatar

    Ah … look at her all zipped up. See, Ross cares.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @5 Minute Marvels: Tim, Ross cares SO much there isn’t even a zipper! HE CARES THE MOST! :)

  3. ross’s avatar

    i’m glad you like the drawing!!! happy birthday again. :)

    i guess i care even beyond caring because in complete honesty, now that you mention it, when i was drawing this the zipper thing didn’t even occur to me. XD. just seems obvious to me that Rogue should have a bodysuit thing and i always loved that old black-suit-with-green-shirt outfit. so stylish.

  4. Nick Marino’s avatar

    Very pretty! BTW, the insides of her ears match the color of her eyes.

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