CBR Review: The Walking Dead #86

““The Walking Dead” always has a fairly nice rhythm of horror, panic, and anxiety followed by quiet, recovery, and re-building. After the most brutal horror over the past few issues since perhaps since the Governor and the subsequent raid on the prison, we’re back into a period of quiet and, as always, it’s a much needed respite…”

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I also did two other CBR Comic Reviews this week, but I really hated the books, which makes me hesitant to do big fancy blog posts about them…but you can read about how much I hated Magdalena #7 here, and Fear Itself: The Black Widow One-Shot here if you’re super curious.

Also, this has turned into a weirdly Walking Dead weekend…odd!



  1. Brendan T’s avatar

    Heh. I read the Magdalena review after Ron Marz snarked about it on Twitter. There’s no winning. Always love your reviews though, since your reading tastes fall close to mine in some ways. I think I liked that Black Widow one-shot more’n you did though.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Yeah, I saw his tweet. I thought he was surprisingly restrained considering how hard he came after Greg Burgas on CSBG that one time. It’s not the track I’d take as a creator, but it’s not an unreasonable response. I really disliked the book and didn’t pull any punches with the review – although that’s actually untrue as I rewrote the review twice toning it down (and raised it half a star) before submitting it. But again, I”d be frustrated if someone wrote that about something I wrote/published as well (which has happened and will continue to happen I’m sure) so I understand if he’s displeased.

  3. herring’s avatar

    You might be surprised how many people deliberately go looking for negative reviews (particularly if they really rip into the material being reviewed). You might even increase your readership by advertising negative reviews more openly, although that might also cut into your chances of getting additional work interviewing writers of said books :p

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Oh, I’m sure people are at least as interested in negative reviews as positive…the internet frequently seems to be massive criticism just to get a reaction (or page views) but I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, and I don’t enjoy profiting from them. Hence the reluctant inclusion of the other two links. I stand by the reviews and I stand by my opinion of the works in question, but I have little interest in making sure everyone knows it. Though perhaps that’s a disservice to people that might agree with me as I could save them money?…ah what a twisted web.

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