Help make this amazing all female anthology – WOMANTHOLOGY – the vision of artist Renae De Liz – a reality via kickstarter.

Tons of great female talent is already on board, both new upcoming talent and long and awesomely established talent – including Gail Simone, Devin Grayson, Fiona Staples, Ming Doyle, Stephanie Buscema, Mariah Huehner, Collen Doran, Chrissie Zullo, Ann Nocenti, Trina Robbins, and so many more. IDW is publishing, and they’ve raised 20% of their funds in the first three hours, so get on board while there’s still time!

Yours truly is hoping to be involved, but I missed the cut off to write for this first issue, so I may have to wait till the second round.  Despite all that…you should support it anyway.  It’s a great thing, and I expect some amazing stories.

Help make it possible by donating to Kickstarter today!

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  1. Tara’s avatar

    I missed the cut also, second round for us!! :)

  2. Garrett’s avatar

    You should write something anyway….you craft great wordmixes.

  3. Stephanie H’s avatar

    damn !
    I would have loved to be in that book :)

  4. ross’s avatar

    they already passed their goal! 😀

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Tara: Oh, I thought you made it in! So sorry. Well, next time for us.

    @Garrett: Thanks! XD

    @ross: I know. As of my posting this comment they’ve got 29 days left and are at 40k! AMAZING.

    @Stephanie: I emailed you something. :)

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