Joint Review of Celluloid!

So the illustrious Greg Burgas of CSBG asked me to do a joint review with him of Dave McKean’s Celluloid.

Check it out!  Beware, definitely NSFW.



  1. Brendan T’s avatar

    I’m so angry about this. It’s been deemed obscene by Canadian customs, so it’s legal to buy, sell, and own, but not transport into the country. No one’s in a position to challenge it at the moment, and Diamond won’t even try, so it’s totally available in the country right now. Upsetting. Especially because I LOVE Dave McKean.

    Fortunately, Amazon seems to have some, so hopefully they’ve gotten around it. But yeah, even the existence of the problem bothers me.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Wow. That’s shocking. I think of Canada/Canadians as being so much more advanced and open-minded than us annoyingly puritanical American. So frustrating. I hope you can get your hands a copy.

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