CBR Review: The Red Wing #1

“There are few ideas in fiction more fascinating to me than time travel. At the same time, I’ve rarely seen it done in a way in which I can both appreciate it and understand it, which are key elements to enjoying a work of fiction. “The Red Wing” #1 handily manages both, and sets a brilliant stage for a fascinating series about one of our most engrossing ideas…”

Read the rest of my CBR Reivew of The Red Wing #1 here.

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  1. ross’s avatar

    i know you get these comics through CBR but how would you otherwise find out about this stuff? whenever i find out about these cool comics the issue is already out and long gone. ugh, comics. and my shop STILL can’t get Non-Player #1. WTF.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I actually get very few comics through CBR. Most of the review copies I get come straight from creators, and a few of the smaller publishers who are really on it. I do get a few things from my CBR editor, and more frequently from some of the other CBR reviewers (which is great).

    When we pick books for the week I do get emailed a pretty comprehensive/accurate list of the week’s books, which helps me know what to look out for. But in truth, unless I’m willing to go to multiple shops on any given week, which I never have time for, I DO have a lot of trouble finding the smaller books. It’s why I think that review copies and passionate creators/editors/publishers staying involved and getting the word out is key.

    I’m much more likely to pick a book to read and review for CBR if I feel confident I’ll be able to actually get my hands on it. It’s a huge problem (I think) with the Direct Market system in general.

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