CBR Review: Northlanders #42

“Brian Wood is not a writer that pulls punches. He doesn’t write “easy” stories, and he asks a lot of his readers, in all the best ways. Part one of his final “Northlanders” epic is no exception. “Northlanders” #42 which begins “The Icelandic Trilogy” and is titled simply “Settlement 871,” is a powerfully moving bit of comics. It’s obvious reading this first brutal issue that Wood has every intention of going out with a bang…”

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I also wrote about Birds of Prey #14 this week, but it was an unfortunate disappointment, so y’know, not so interested in broadcasting that one so loudly.  But here ya go.

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  1. Nataniel Costard’s avatar

    I´ve read your Birds of Prey review. Very accurate, art-wise it was one of the most horrible things I`ve seen in a professional comic in a long time. I just wanted to point out that of course, when the Oldies Birds go to Argentina, all we see is the tipical cliche of something jungle something Mexico something something cantina. I knew it was going to be like that, but it irritated me anyway. In this day and age, all you have to do to see how Argentina looked in the 50`s is go and google “Argentina in the 50`s”. There`s no excuse for such a lazy display of stereotypes.

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