2011 October DC DRUNK Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full October 2011 DC solicits head over to CBR and hunt them down, as I had to, as they came released in 5 annoying separate pieces.  I hope this isn’t a new “thing” DC is doing.  ETA: Or you can wait a week and they’ll pool them all together for you!  So this has three or four Supes & Family covers that weren’t previously released, but I’m not going to get drunk for just that, so you’ll have to think up your own snarky things to say.  If Marvel releases theirs anytime soon I’ll toss these on the fire and do them all at the same time and update this post, but if not…well, we’ll just always have to wonder what I would have said about them.  DUM DUM DUUUUUUMMMMM!

Come one, come all, to our bi-monthly installment of DRUNK COVER SOLICITS IN THREE SENTENCES OR LESS!

So I’m only doing DC Solicits this weekend (what has been released – and the “Superman stuff” is still missing) so it’s slightly incomplete and Marvel’s are nowhere to be seen.  I’ll try to add Marvel’s if they show up, but as I recall last year, they showed so late after SDCC that there was too much going on and I didn’t get to them.  We’ll see my lambs…we’ll see!

I’m kind of dreading this…at least I have delicious drinks to ease my pain!  Let’s do this shit!

ALL-STAR WESTERN 2.  Is it me or does this not look remotely western?  Except for the old-timey lamp I see nothing “western-y” here to speak of.  #RIPPEDOFF.

ANIMAL MAN 2.  This horrifies and also kinda impresses.  The commitment to the white space is impressive.  That said…what the fuck is that thing?!…NIGHTMARES.  I have to stop doing this shit so late at night.

AQUAMAN 2.  Again, kinda horrifying.  Not just cause the “monster” is scary, but also because look at the way the teeth are set in the gums… like I said, kinda horrifying.  Also…the inside of it’s mouth looks like an abyss.  Like the infinite of FUCKING SPACE lives in its mouth.  Yikers.

BATGIRL 2.  Okay, let’s be serious for like two seconds.  I haven’t had enough to drink yet that that’s an unreasonable request.  So this is without a doubt beautiful, it is.  I mean who among us doubts Adam Hughes is an uber talented comics drawing badass?  None of us.  But there are some frustrating things here. Yes, I think she looks too young considering all the back and forth over her age…if she indeed is NOT being de-aged then this Barbara is just WAY too young looking.  If she is being de-aged then this is probably appropriate (though fucking sad).  More importantly, I don’t love her kind of cowering here.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when a superhero, male or female might do this very thing…but it just sends a frustrating message.  In context this cover is hugely problematic because I don’t see a single other cover with a hero cowering behind something this month…there’s a lot of fighting, some of it terribly violent, and one guy is even being infinitely devoured by his own mouth, sure…but nobody else is cowering.  And this is for one of the few female led books.  Again I say to you DC, CONTEXT. YOU DON’T HAS IT.

BATMAN & ROBIN 2.  Booooring.  How do you make Batman & Robin in a Batmobile on fucking fire look boring?  I guess this is how.  YAWN.  Also, no way does Damian ever make that expression.  Not my Damian, grouchy pants to the moon and back, but this? No fucking way.

BATMAN 2.  I don’t have as much experience with Capullo as a lot of people who have been frustrated by the fact that he’s the penciller for the new Batman book.  My experience is mostly some X-titles work he did in the 90′s.  I don’t remember much of it quite honestly, which isn’t good, but could be worse.  I think this image itself is pretty good and Bruce has some fun square-jawed hero-y handsomeness going on.  That said, if I could keep the Scott Snyder/Francavilla and Scott Snyder/Jock combos instead I’d sell my non-existent first born, so there’s that.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 2.  Yeah, are we taking bets about whether there will even BE an issue number 2?  I hope nobody is holding their breath.  I wasn’t buying it anyway though, so what do I care?

BATWING 2.  Not bad. After Judd Winick’s trainwreck of a discussion of this book though…it would have to be the next fucking coming of christ for me to check it out.  And even that I’d probably just tradewait.  So, yeah, pass.

BATWOMAN 2.  Still beautiful.  It’s been fucking beautiful for last six fucking months.  Please god in heaven, I can’t look at it for one more month.

BIRDS OF PREY 2. I gotta admit. This is pretty hard for me to resist.  I love Jesus Saiz’s work, and this seems pretty goddamn cool.  But resist it I will.  Fuck you comics, I gotta have SOME standards.

BLACKHAWKS 2.  Ah comics, you feisty time machine you.  Is it 1994 again?!  Blargh!

ETA:  Giant jet as penis?  It’s SUPER subtle isn’t it?

BLUE BEETLE 2.  This does absolutely nothing for me.  But I’m buying this book regardless.

CAPTAIN ATOM 2.  I have no idea what is happening here.  Is he being born out of a brain vagina made of light?

CATWOMAN 2.  And it’s shit like this makes me think the entire world is conspiring against me.

We finally get a solo book for Catwoman again. +1 point

Then we get Guillem March art announced and Judd Winick writing announced. Potentially -2 points

The first March cover drops and it is some of the worst most ridiculous dreck ever.  -1 point

The cover comes with a hideous solicit that paints Selina as an addict…addicted to EVERYTHING.  My eyes bleed while reading it.  -5 points

Judd Winick does an interview about the book in which he talks about Selina being SEXY about 98 times.  -10 points

A second March cover drops (see above!) and it’s even WORSE than the first cover, because now Selina looks like a swooning fucking idiot damsel in distress. The kind of damsel that can’t even hold onto her own goddamn whip while being wooed by a dude to a point that her back is breaking.  A fucking travesty. -50 points

So what is that…negative a thousand?  Certainly fucking feels like it.

DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS 2.  This is unbelievably awesome. I mean…Deadman is like either digesting himself or upchucking himself infinite times?  Go comics!

DEATHSTROKE 2.  The art on this is actually pretty cool.  But I think this may be one of the times that having ovaries keeps me from “getting it”…or something.

DEMON KNIGHTS 2.  Did you know that dude in the middle’s superpower is to absorb arrows into the back of his head?  Seriously…where is the rest of that woman’s arrow?!

DETECTIVE COMICS 2.  Already I’m bored.  Also, Bats has a very trim waist.  It’s very swimmers build of him.

FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. 2.  This is pretty fun looking and a great concept with solid execution.  The “texture” of Frankenstein’s face is straight up awesome.  That said, why does the four arm chick have three guns and one hand just laying around on her hip.  That one arm got ripped off.  MOAR GUNS!

ETA: As commenter Hutch pointed out, you’d likely need two hands to manipulate that one big gun…so the number of guns here is probably right on.  Still, funnier to say “needs moar guns!”

GREEN ARROW 2.  WTF is up with those arrows?! Why does every fucking archery cover look like complete shite.  Is it really that hard to draw this shit?  Also, his goggles make him look like a bug.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS 2.  It’s crazy shit like this that keeps me from getting into Green Lantern I think.  There’s just too much shit going on…and except for the see through skeleton dude none of it seems that compelling.

GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS 2. I’ve finally found an upside to the whole INSANELY RIDICULOUSLY LOWCUT ABSURDLY SEXY FOR NO APPARENT REASON thing (which applies mightily to Star Sapphire)…and that upside is that when you see a completely ridiculous version of the costume (as above) you shrug your shoulders and go “eh. could be worse.”

Ah comics, good job on lowering the bar so fucking low that this cover actually looks reasonable.  Congratulations!

GRIFTER 2.  Eh. Still no Zealot. Still no sale.

HAWK & DOVE 2.  SIGH. Do I even have to?  Okay, fine.

Not a single foot seen in this cover. -1 point (though maybe we should count ourselves lucky?)

Chick boobs that continue to reinforce the idea that Liefeld has never seen a woman naked or otherwise.  -1 point.

A dude’s head smaller than a single one of his pecs. -1 point.

A complete lack of background, suggesting that these characters live, perhaps, in a stick of melting butter. -1 point.

A signature tag larger than most the characters’ heads. -1 point.

Anatomy that does not in any way resemble our earth anatomy (look at Hawk’s “back”…OMG). -1 point.

Movement that resembles no physics known to man (why do the “accoutrements of the costumes move that waaaaayyyy?!). -1 point.

-7 points.


iVAMPIRE 2.  This is very pretty.  That is all.

JLA 2.  Boo.  No Wonder Woman.  Just the “two big dogs” tussling. I’m already bored.

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL 2.  Though Zatanna’s costume looks like she got it at Hot Topic, I’m otherwise pretty interested in this.  We’ll see!

LEGION LOST 2.  What the fucking hell is going on here?  This is a fucking mess.

MEN OF WAR 2.  I’m conflicted.  On the one hand, this is actually a beautiful and compelling cover.  On the other, it’s annoying to see a bunch of dudes (some of them red skull dead dudes, but whatever) in full military dress and then a woman, basically naked.  If the rest of the DC line for October was less offensive (there’s that ugly idea of CONTEXT again) I’d feel a bit better about this.  Very pretty though.

MISTER TERRIFIC 2.  I really like this cover, but it concerns me that it’s SO similar to issue #1.  Are we already out of ideas for Mister Terrific?

NIGHTWING 2.  Dick is really going out of his way to show us his…well, dick.  Yeah, I went there.  It’s nice Dick, it is.  Very impressive.  Um, good job?

Also, the whole Dick/Nightwing with a red color scheme is still freaking me out.  Me hates.

O.M.A.C. 2  The hair.  Gods, that is just character design fail.  When will it end?!

RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS 2.  So many people better than me have talked about this cover and how fucking stupid it is.  I’m not even going to bother.  I think we all know what the problem is here.  Although, Jason’s package has emerged as a pretty fun problem in and of itself as well.  Go comics! You so mature!

RED LANTERNS 2.  I’m sorry, but this is just terribly phoned in.  The crap background?  The word “RAGE” just thrown back there?  A not great black and white drawing of part of a person?  It’s just bad.

RESURRECTION MAN 2. I know nobody is looking at her face, because why would we with those giant knockers in our faces, but seriously…do you see the look on her face?!  WTF?

STATIC SHOCK 2.  I kinda like this actually.  The colors are nice, as is the really subtle but detailed background.  SS looks fierce too.

STORMWATCH 2.  Well…I like it better than #1?  Is that enough?  I hate these new costumes…especially…is that supposed to be The Midnighter in blue on the left?  Dude would not be caught dead wearing that.  I’m ashamed for him.

SUICIDE SQUAD 2.  Again, this has been torn apart on the internet…and rightly so.  As someone that has big tits and has worn a corset and many strapless things before, can I tell you that Harley’s costume and posing is just unbelievably stupid.  Chalk this up as another dude that has never seen an actual woman before.  Also, as someone with tits let me tell you that Harley either has the weirdest most deformed misplaced nipples of all time, or her “superpower” is “not having nipples”.  Fucking ridiculous.

Sidenote: While the design for King Shark is actually pretty cool…why is he suddenly a Hammerhead shark?  #makesnosense

SWAMP THING 2.  This isn’t bad.  The design work at the bottom is nice.  It’s not nearly the homerun that the first cover was though.  Still buying it.

TEEN TITANS 2.  I ask again, why is this being drawn by Brett Booth while Nicola Scott is unemployed?  Fucking ridiculous.

THE FLASH 2.  I like parts of this quite a bit and it’s kind of ballsy.  There was a but coming, but I changed my mind.  I just like it.  Full stop.

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM 2.  Ugh. I still can’t tell what the fuck is going on with these covers.  I love Gail Simone…but I don’t know if I can follow her here.  I kind of hate everything going on here.  :(

THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN 2.  I guess he’s “savage” yo?

VOODOO 2.  Wow. I mean honestly?  Everything about this fucking sucks.  Everything.  Tip to tail.  Also, since when are dudes WAY into massive shoulders on broads.  Look at Voodoo’s fucking shoulders!?!

WONDER WOMAN 2.  Cliff Chiang, nailing it again, badass that he is.  He actually makes me like the Wonder Woman pants costume quite a bit.  Additionally, artists of the world take note…see how Chiang manages to take a weird shredded “sexy” costume and make it sexy and revealing without being exploitative and overly objectifying?  Yeah.  Please learn that.

As long as Cliff Chiang is doing Wonder Woman I suspect we’ll end on good notes.  That at least is a silver lining!

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  1. zammael’s avatar

    Heh. I may just buy Wonder Woman only for the art. After all I did collect Wonder Woman when Byrne was on the book 10 years ago or so!

  2. litbandit’s avatar

    Deadman is by far my favourite cover.
    It took me a few minutes to realize that the batmobile on fire was actually the batmobile on fire. First look, all I saw was a big angry pig face with batman and robin in it’s eyes.

    These non-background covers are killing me. Does everyone fight in a big “blast” type of space.

    I do quite enjoy all the boob-and penis talk about Suicide Squad and Red Hood. It’s just funny- i draw ridiculous super hero pictures….but i can still draw tits! hell, i don’t even get paid for it ahaha

  3. Hooper Triplett’s avatar

    The purpose of a cover is to entice me, to draw me into something new, encourage me to buy something I normally wouldn’t, yes? Then the only cover that succeeds is Men of War, and iVampire to a lesser degree. Both intrigue me. The Deadman and Animal Man covers are terrifying, but not my cup of tea.

    That said, I was only buying the Frankenstein series, but that cover is fantastic! His expression is the clincher.

    Concept vs. Creator. I’m going to try out BoP because its a solid concept – I liked it when Dixon was writing it. Not trying out Firestorm despite Simone because it doesn’t work conceptually for me.

  4. Bill Reed’s avatar

    I can’t see that Batman & Robin cover and not think of Cerebus the Aardvark.

  5. Hutch (@zombieundergrnd)’s avatar

    Two issues in and the Birds of Prey already appear to be trying to kill each other. Good job comics.
    I thought Blue Beetle was hispanic. Seems a little bit light skinned there on that cover.
    I realize you are not Selina (and she is not you), but wouldn’t you be pretty much doing the same thing if you were in Batman’s arms there (I mean outside of totally freaking out because you’ve being held essentially in open space at what I assume to be a great height and all that stands between you and a nasty splat with the ground below is a thin cable being held by Batman — but outside of that y’know …)
    I don’t have ovaries and that Deathstroke cover doesn’t do anything for me either (even though I like Deathstroke as a character).
    I may be wrong here (I’m no archer), but isn’t the woman on the Demon Knights cover holding the arrow on the wrong side of the bow? Shouldn’t it go on the outside? Somebody who actually shoots those things let me know if I’m off base here.
    The four armed woman on the cover of the Frankenstein cover clearly needs a free hand to open doors, pick up important items, and punch people. Actually, the simple fact is that one of those guns she is holding is a rifle. She really needs two hands to operate that. When the time comes to shoot it, that is where the free hand will be.
    You don’t have any faith that Zealot will be showing up in the Grifter title soon?
    I’m looking forward to the second issue of Justice League. It should (hopefully) be a fun and interesting story.
    I’m not so keen on the red in Nightwing’s costume either. Not sure who that guy he is that he is fighting on the cover, but he has kind of an interesting costume (if you ignore the claws).
    Deadshot has a kind of Red Hood thing going on with his package on the Suicide Squad cover.
    I understand you disappointment over Nicola Scott not have any announced work (as of yet) while Brett Booth is drawing Teen Titans, but I think that cover for the second issue actually looks pretty good.
    I actually like that cover for Voodoo. For one thing, the breast sizes seem reasonable (unlike you get on a lot of other covers). That is a plus at least. Not sure exactly what else you find so offensive. It is a clean image (by that I mean it isn’t too busy) and the composition seems decent enough. Sure, their lower torso could be a little thicker perhaps, but outside of that I don’t really see anything wrong with it.
    I don’t find the ‘shredded’ costume of Wonder Woman’s adversary sexy at all. It is kind of disturbing in a way. Dangerously close to showing things it should not. Also, why are none of the stars on WW’s costume white? The stars on her top and leggings just seem like there is no reason for them to be there if they are not going to be distinguished in any way.

  6. ross’s avatar

    love that Animal Man cover.

    i read somewhere Adam Hughes said that DC requested him to draw Batgirl looking younger, so i guess that’s pretty definitive. she sure still is stacked as hell.

    i’m surprised by the Capullo stuff, i’m only familiar with him drawing Spawn for like 800 years and Creech, and his stuff used to be super cartoony and bendy, like Hyper Todd McFarlane, but i guess he’s since reined it in.

    on the Blackhawks 2 cover, at first i thought the guy was throwing the fighter jets like throwing stars, which would have been much cooler.

    i like how hard Catwoman is arching her back/hips despite having no leverage.

    and then the Deadman cover!!! so cool. …who the hell is Deadman?! i was going to say “oh yeah i remember him from an issue of X-Statix–oh wait that’s Marvel.” so now i have no clue who Deadman is and what character was in that issue of X-Statix…

    Green Lantern Corps 2: haha, that dude with 3 stacked heads! awesome.

    i’m confused by the JLA 2 cover. at first it looks like Superman and Batman fighting and Batman is able to do this because he managed to get kryptonite chains around Superman, but then i noticed Green Lantern in the background doing something with his ring apparently, so maybe he’s creating the chains? but then if he’s creating the chains they’re NOT kryptonite chains then there wouldn’t be any Superman/Batman fight because it’s no contest and this scene wouldn’t even be happening. although if Green Lantern can create anything he can think of (i think, i’m not familiar with him), then can he create kryptonite?

    i’ve never read any Mr. Terrific (partly because he has the worse codename in comics) but i just can’t believe they changed his costume. the previous version was the sharpest, coolest, most “modern” costume in mainstream superhero comics and they ditched it, including making the T on his face red which is nowhere near as cool as a black T. changing costumes is cool but if you change it you gotta make it BETTER than the previous one.

    i always thought Harley was supposed to be a jester. her name is Harley Quinn because she’s a jester, are they giving her a new name because she isn’t clown related anymore?

    Voodoo looks awesome (shoulders! she is RIPPED) on that cover except that she needs a bra or something. almost gets me to want to pick it up buttttt y’know. oh Voodoo, my 12-year-old heart still yearns for thee.

  7. ross’s avatar

    wow i wrote a lot

  8. SilverLocust’s avatar

    I am gladI got to look at these in full… I admire you for not speaking about the codpiece on Desdshot it’s been discussed about as much as Jason Todds- odly placed package. The one thing I did not ice I had not seen before, or I was to busy cringing to notice was the MArtian manhunters new look…is he wearing a mid chest -belly shirt? ans a loincloth?

  9. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Zammael: Me too.

    @Litbandit: Deadman/DC Comics Present is likely my favorite cover of the month as well.

    @Hooper Triplett: I agree on Men of War and iVampire (to a lesser degree) as being intriguing. I’d add a few more (including Deadman) but I agree that on the whole the intrigue level is very low.

    On concept v creator, I tend to follow creators…but not to the ends of the earth I guess. :)

    @Bill Reed: Totally.

  10. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Hutch: You have pointed out a great flaw in the “Drunk Cover Solicits” post…which is that I’m drunk, and giving my first impression knee jerk reactions, hopefully to comedic effect…which is kind of not designed to hold up under someone scrutinizing it…

    I’m only going to reply to some of these. I agree on Blue Beetle, looks pretty “white dude” to me.

    Re: Catwoman: Though I am a fan of Selina and Bruce, and I suspect it might be hard to find a heterosexual woman not attracted to Batman/Bruce, IF I was on my own cover, of my own book, issue number two, and I got hosed especially hard with my first issue cover that made me look like a douchebag not afraid of dropping diamonds off buildings, I would hope that I wasn’t swooning like fucking broken backed schoolgirl when the dude that passive aggressively sometimes engages in a relationship with me decided to show up in my book.

    I believe in archery the arrow can go on either side, depending on the type of bow. But I haven’t shot an arrow for about a thousand years (or more accurately 20) and then only used one kind of bow/arrow.

    You are totally right about the Frankenstein cover, to the degree that I’m going to edit the post. Congratulations! You win the internet!

    My faith has been killed by comics. Therefore, until Zealot shows up on the cover, I’m not biting.

    I don’t see the Deadshot/crotch thing.

    And so the world shall be divided into people who think Brett Booth’s art looks okay, and those whose it makes their eyes bleed. I am the latter. :)

    I like the non-white stars on WW’s costume. The shit is busy enough, add white stars and I think we’re in trouble.

  11. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: Your longest comment ever! I think that proves that the NEW DCU HAS YOU IN ITS CLUTCHES!

    Re: Batgirl. Yes, word is that Hughes was specifically asked to draw Barbara younger. Time will tell what that means (if she’s been de-aged, or if DC just thinks a 28 – 33 year old woman, my best guess for what age she SHOULD be, should look like a 17 year old).

    Catwoman has hips leveraging superpowers!

    Re: Deadman, I know very little, I think he originated/debuted Strange Adventures. He’s definitely not the guy from X-Statix… :)

    I kind of like Mister Terrific’s new costume…but I seem to be alone in that. Doesn’t the old one have a terrible looking jacket of some kind? I agree on the tattoo though for sure.

    Re: JLA and Harley…you have now put 100% more time into thinking about all of this than all of DC. :)

    Re: Voodoo…I guess my comment should have been less “her shoulders are oversized” and more “her shoulders are oversized for her waist size”. Big shoulders ARE awesome…I just don’t think they fit well with the rest of her. I also think the “demon” arm doesn’t look right…it’s really awkward. But I’m just not a fan of that artist in general, so that bias is probably just leaking out.

    @Silver Locust: I don’t really see the Deadshot thing…maybe I’m not looking hard enough…I see the fairly typical very weird giant flat space where man bits would be…but that’s pretty much comics business as usual…no? :)

    I agree 100% on Manhunters new costume. What a horrible re-design. I think I was in shock initially that was even supposed to be Manhunter. So sad, cause I fucking love that character…but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take him seriously now.

  12. ross’s avatar

    @Kelly: the Deadshot crotch thing isn’t that he’s got a bulge, but that the shape of the metal plate on his crotch is in the shape of an erect cock & balls. XD

  13. ross’s avatar

    i looked again and Voodoo’s waist is pretty small for her shoulders, yeah, but i don’t mind it. i think the best thing about the cover is Voodoo’s hand on the other woman’s wrist, it really looks like she’s gripping her hard and her fingers/knuckles are really well-drawn.

  14. Nataniel Costard’s avatar

    You were inspired in this one, I think for the first time I agree 99% with everything, which considering some of the stuff you wrote is actually sad.

    What is your problem with girls with massive shoulders? Are you a massiveshoulderphobic? My girlfriend is an attlete and she has massive shoulders and she`s as sexy as Winnick`s Catwoman thank you very much. I think the M.S.G community will be offended by your comment.

    (or not)

  15. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: haha! I didn’t even notice that on the Deadshot thing. That’s hilarious. Reminds me of Dazzler’s sunburst vagina…which I guess Supergirl sort of now has as well.

    Yes, that one hand is really well drawn you are right. Doesn’t make me like the cover. ;)

    @Nataniel Costard: Thanks. I do not actually have a problem with big shoulders…in fact, I think I’m pro “big shoulders” (and also have them myself) but I think the shoulder to waist ratio here is really off…which is probably what I should have said originally… but “giant shoulders!” sounded funnier.

  16. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Batgirl – Okay, I get that she’s hiding, but why does she look so frail, terrified and not at all ready to act/react? Why the fuck is she in a Batsuit if she can’t handle it? I love Hughes, and maybe this is what he was told to draw, but the body language is a fail. Her legs look weird, too.

    Batman & Robin – It’s the Cerebusmobile!

    Batman: The Dark Knight – What the fuckety fuck fuck is that? (To borrow a phrase.)

    Deathstroke – Nope, not getting it, either. And I do not have ovaries.

    Demon Knights – Worst Etrigan ever.

    Hawk & Dove – AAGGGHHH MY EYES! Liefeld should have been on Atlantis and abandoned in orbit.

    Men of War – That is a pretty cool cover.

    O.M.A.C. – More faux Kirby. People should stop trying, it doesn’t work and they just don’t capture what made Kirby great. Replicating his linework doesn’t cut it.

  17. Hutch (@zombieundergrnd)’s avatar

    Superman solicitatios are out.
    Oh no! They killed Jonathan and Martha!
    I understand the whole undoing of the marriage (not to say I like it – I think it is kind of a cheap out for them) and I can certainly empathize with those who will feel great anger over the move, but was it really necessary to also kill the Kents? Did they really have to wipe out that much of the Superman mythos?
    If they want to explore the alien aspect of an incredibly powerful super enhanced character, the Martian Manhunter was a perfectly acceptable option. He had less than Superman ever had by the time he hit Earth.

    Also, I’m not sure how playing up his alien nature really makes him more “accessible” (as Didio seems to be claiming they are doing with all these changes). I would think that would entail giving him the same problems as all the rest of use. Last I checked, I didn’t crash land in a rocket in Kansas and get brought up by what were aliens to me.

  18. Brendan T’s avatar

    It’s okay Kelly. My penis doesn’t get that Deathstroke cover either.

    The Resurrection Man thing is a shame, because the Body Doubles are entertaining characters whose whole POINT is being vapid, ridiculously over the top bimbo assassins. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to tell that apart from the standard output, especially when Brett Booth is putting the tits in Titans down below. As you said, context is everything.

    I kind of love that there’s half naked women all over these solicits, but people get up in arms about Jason’s bulge. It’s like the point’s already been made for you.

    Always enjoy these. Thanks for doing them.

  19. dtbrady77’s avatar

    Actually, the Deathstroke cover is an homage to the forthcoming Michael Bay blockbuster “Transformers 3 vs. Cars 2.” In theaters Summer 2013.

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