Panel of the Week – 7/27/11

Unsurprisingly, the excellent (and truly horrifying) Detective Comics #880 takes this week’s panel of the week as well as cover of the week thanks to Scott Snyder and Jock being disturbing super talented geniuses.

Possibly NSFW, and definitely NSFWEAS (Not Suitable For While Eating A Sandwich) below the cut…

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  1. ross’s avatar

    haha, awesome. is she like a Joker lady or something?? she also looks sort of like a robot, like a regular person with a robot head. definitely makes me want to read this stuff now!! are they going to collect it in trades?

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Keith Bowden: Accurate!

    @ross: Well, I don’t want to be too spoiler-y in the comments…but she’s a victim of someone that at least appears to be the joker. I know you’re not big on Tec, but Snyder is killing it on this run – with serious help from Francavilla and Jock. I assume it will be collected in trade…not sure when though.

  3. ross’s avatar

    is “Tec” your comic nerd lingo for Detective Comics? haha. i don’t know if i’m big on it or not since i’ve only ever read Detective when it was Batwoman! that’s all i have to go on.

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