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I mean seriously?

Is there any doubt about the awesomeness of this splash page by Paul Azaceta and Dave McCraig  in this week’s Northlanders #43?  I am going to miss this book like crazy when it’s gone.  :(

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““Gates of Gotham” #5 does not end as strongly as it began, but it’s still a solid book with a strong ending to what was a compelling and different kind of Bat series.

Delving deeply into Gotham’s history, Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins brought us something new and interesting with this series, and an aspect of Bat books that is too frequently paid lip service to but not actually explored: Gotham as a character itself…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Gates of Gotham #5 here.

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Fellow CBR Reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay runs this really great comics writing site called Thought Balloons with a handful of other gents.  Thought Balloons is a great writing experiment in which the contributing writers alternate weeks choosing a character and each prepares a one page script for that character and posts it.  The scripts posted can be an excerpt of a larger script, a standalone page, just about anything, so long as they are only one page.  It’s a great way to get feedback (writing in a vaccuum is one of the biggest challenges for any writer) and also to help keep the ideas freely flowing, which is key and very hard to maintain as a writer, especially as you try to break into the business.

This week Ryan asked me if I’d like to join them as a guest writer.  I of course jumped at the chance and on his suggestion gave Ryan a handful of characters I’d be especially pumped to write for.  Of those characters, Ryan picked Kate Kane/Batwoman, and today is Batwoman’s introduction on Thought Balloons and the debut of my page.

And because it’s always fun to show some Kate Kane art, here’s a Batwoman variant cover that I love from Amy Reeder.  A cover that apparently WILL NOT be hitting shelves anytime soon (it seems DC has cut back on variants and as such this cover won’t be used…such a shame).

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“Finally, we come to the end of this unsatisfying “Odyssey” arc for “Wonder Woman.” It’s hard not to breathe a sigh of relief and look with hope toward Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello’s take on Diana next month.

This issue of “Wonder Woman” feels like it was tacked on to get the “Odyssey” arc to match up with the September re-launch and, as a result, it reads like an anti-climactic re-hash of issue #613, with some saccharine pages at the end. Diana, having “reabsorbed” the rest of herself (don’t ask) in “Wonder Woman” #613, now fights Nemesis and defeats her. But since Diana kills Nemesis with Nemesis’ own sword, the sword binds to Diana and tries to make her the “new” Nemesis…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Wonder Woman #614 here.

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A tie this week between this fantastic classically heroic Justice Society of America #54 cover by Darwyn Cooke

And this lovely Dustin Nguyen Gates of Gotham #5 variant, which nicely features my girl Cass Cain as Blackbat.

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“I’ve never understood the idea of a “house style” for a comic book company, because there’s nothing more refreshing as a comic reader than opening up a brilliantly drawn book that looks new and exciting instead of like the same thing you’ve seen a million times before. Such is the case with David Lafuente’s take on the New Mutants in this book..”

Click here to read the rest of my CBR Review of New Mutants #30.

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Head on over to CSBG for a write up and link to the latest episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics, with amazing guest star Scott Snyder!


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“It can be hard with event books to toe dip in to just part of an event without feeling entirely lost, but “Spider Island: Spider-Girl” works well on its own while still tying nicely into the larger picture of the Spider Island Event…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Spider Island Spider-Girl #1 here.

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This is not only a beautiful panel by CrissCroos, but also a wonderful sentiment by Kelly Sue DeConnick for a character that’s being relaunched from this week’s Supergirl #67, the last issue before the relaunch.

I’d love to see Kelly DeConnick get another shot at Supergirl sometime in the future, she did a great job on this arc, and managed to both tie up her arc, and the book as a series really beautifully despite the restrictions.

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Great cover art by Rodin Esquejo for Generation Hope #10.  Beautiful and emotional.

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