CBR Review: Mystic #1

“This is exactly the kind of comic I feel like we need more of. It’s pretty kid friendly and appealing, with strong young protagonists, good solid friendships, and I suspect, eventually, some nice messages. I’m not sure how engaging it is for an adult audience on the whole at this point, but not every comic should be for every person, or we’d have tepid stories indeed. Variety, she’s the spice of life, kids!…”

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  1. litbandit’s avatar

    It’s always nice when there is a more young-adult type comic out there.
    I remember when i was younger, there wasn’t much around. Then again, I had to buy my comics at the grocery store.
    Mom saw me reading a Witchblade comic once, needless to say, she wasn’t a fan of the art (but being a teenage boy, Michael Turner was awesome).
    Glad younger readers now have something to open the doorway for them!

  2. Ian Perez Zayas’s avatar

    I never read the original Mystic, so I didn’t quite know what to expect with this iteration; I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be the best book I’d read this week. I love that its focus is on two girl friends who are actually friends–Strangers in Paradise and Birds of Prey aside, when was the last time that was a premise for, well, anything?–and I really really hope both of them remain a) alive, and b) still friends once the mini is over, which is more than I usually end up feeling for fictional characters, particularly at this early stage.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @litbandit: Yeah, this would have been an AMAZING comic for me at 15. At 35, it’s not a perfect comic for me…but I believe in variety, and I especially believe in comics that can bring in younger readers and help build an audience…even if they aren’t huge sellers.

    @Ian Perez Zayas: Yes, it’s extremely rare to see two female leads AND a strong female friendship…it was a nice change of pace for sure.

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