CBR Review: Detective Comics #881

“All of Scott Snyder’s plot threads weave together beautifully as a story that’s been building for months finally comes to a head in this last issue of “Detective Comics” before we head into re-launch. Graced with exceptional co-art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla, which could have been frustrating but manages to work nicely, Snyder pulls no punches as his epic story comes to a close…”

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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    You’ve talked up this run so much I have to get it (and as with Batwoman: Elegy – which I see is finally out in trade, but I love my hardcover, thank you very much – seriously, Kelly, thank you – I’m sure I won’t be disappointed by your recommendation). I am confused, however, why the forthcoming Batman: Black Mirror hardcover only has #871-877 – why not go the extra few feet (not anywhere close to a mile) and give us the remaining 4 issues in Snyder & Jock’s Detective Comicsrun? Hmph.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hmmm. I thought I read Snyder saying somewhere that the whole thing was being bundled together? Maybe I got it wrong.

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy it as much as Elegy…it’s definitely neck and neck for me with that run.

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