Guest Starring on Thought Balloons

Fellow CBR Reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay runs this really great comics writing site called Thought Balloons with a handful of other gents.  Thought Balloons is a great writing experiment in which the contributing writers alternate weeks choosing a character and each prepares a one page script for that character and posts it.  The scripts posted can be an excerpt of a larger script, a standalone page, just about anything, so long as they are only one page.  It’s a great way to get feedback (writing in a vaccuum is one of the biggest challenges for any writer) and also to help keep the ideas freely flowing, which is key and very hard to maintain as a writer, especially as you try to break into the business.

This week Ryan asked me if I’d like to join them as a guest writer.  I of course jumped at the chance and on his suggestion gave Ryan a handful of characters I’d be especially pumped to write for.  Of those characters, Ryan picked Kate Kane/Batwoman, and today is Batwoman’s introduction on Thought Balloons and the debut of my page.

And because it’s always fun to show some Kate Kane art, here’s a Batwoman variant cover that I love from Amy Reeder.  A cover that apparently WILL NOT be hitting shelves anytime soon (it seems DC has cut back on variants and as such this cover won’t be used…such a shame).

via Robot 6