CBR Review: Secret Avengers #16

“In my perfect world, all superhero comics are like “Secret Avengers” #16. Well, they don’t all have to have time travel, these specific Avengers or many other things this issue includes, but they should all use this book as a blueprint for smart, funny, well-constructed, beautiful, modern and fun comics.

Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie take over “Secret Avengers” with issue #16 for a standalone story and in a single stroke make it a book to be absolutely reckoned with. In this issue, a handful of Avengers are investigating a secret city built more than a mile under Cincinnati and the results are action-packed, hilarious, creative and smart. Too smart for me, in fact, but that’s usually the case with anything relating to time travel, so I won’t hold it against Ellis, or this book…”

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  1. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    Your review made me angry. Not because it was a bad comic, because it wasn’t, and not because the review was poorly-written, because it wasn’t. It was this: “Too smart for me, in fact, but that’s usually the case with anything relating to time travel, so I won’t hold it against Ellis, or this book.” Fuck that noise. Time travel is impossible, and Ellis’s precious fucked-up SCIENCE can’t do anything about that. It makes me angry when anyone is made to feel stupid by shitty pieces of pseudo-science that Ellis probably picked up on a Star Trek forum. I know you don’t feel stupid, but even if you felt that a little bit while reading this, that’s too much. Don’t believe anything you read, science-wise, in a comic book. Ellis doesn’t know shit about it.

    Sorry – this just pisses me off. These asshole writers and their big words that don’t mean anything making readers feel stupid. Man, they suck.

    If you get past the bullshit, though, it WAS a pretty cool book, wasn’t it? And we get five more from Ellis, which should be interesting.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Haha. Bring the rage already Burgas! Oh wait, you did! 😉

    Well, I do feel stupid whenever I read about Time Travel (or watch about it)…it makes my head hurt…but it’s when ANYONE writes it (or seems to be) and not just Ellis…so I can’t hold it against him specifically.

    Does that soften it at all?

    I’m excited about more SA from Ellis…but not knowing who the artists are makes me all skeptical like.

  3. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    The latest solicitation for an issue is drawn by Michael Lark, so there’s that.

    Time travel annoys me too, but I don’t care if the writer just uses a generic “time machine” and then does the story. Ellis tries to EXPLAIN it, which you can’t do, and he uses bullshit pseudo-science to make it sound “smart.” He and Moore and Morrison do this all the time – they know just enough sciencey catch words to sound smart, but it’s all bullshit. Actually, I have no idea if it’s all bullshit, but the very little I know is bullshit makes me believe the rest is. And I think the rest is because when they write about stuff I actually know about, like history, they get enough wrong to make me think the other topics I don’t know are wrong, too. And that’s why writers like Ellis can annoy me, because he’s no smarter than most, so the fact that intelligent people like you and me occasionally think that he is pisses me off.

    I just love a good rant, though, don’t I?

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