Panel(s) of the Week – 8/31/11

It’s a Secret Avengers kinda week around 1979 Semi-Finalist this week, what can I say?!

The following are panels I just could not decide between from Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie’s wonderful Secret Avengers #16:

Look at their faces! So great. Click to enbiggen!

Don't worry...Hank apologizes later.



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  1. Kels’s avatar

    I always like Hank best when he’s being funny or snarky. It’s when he gets into pseudo-intellectual mode and starts throwing around six-dollar words in order to look smarter, seemingly unable to speak in plain English even though it would be appropriate, that’s when I start tuning him out.

    A good writer for Hank is one who realizes smart people don’t have to have complicated dialogue to come off as smart.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Kels: So do you think this qualifies for “good Hank” or not?

    I loved Hank here.

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