I love Jim Cheung’s art, dude is a straight up badass.  But what on the motherfuckingplanet is the excuse for this crap with Rogue’s costume?  I mean…it’s just ABSURD.

The “Rogue costume problem” which went on for so long over the past year, has largely stopped.  I haven’t seen her unzipped, or at least not to unreasonable levels for a very long time.  So where THE HELL does this come from?  Man, this kind of silly crap makes me so frustrated with comics.

C’mon Mr. Cheung, you are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.  What happened?!?!?

From CBR

Also, I thanked Derek in the tweet about this post for the heads up, but didn’t do so in the actual post.  Apologies Derek and thanks for the heads up!



  1. Maddy’s avatar

    Bring back the bomber jacket and big 90s hair!

  2. Brendan T (@TheUnholyDragon)’s avatar

    The funny thing is, Batwoman #1 had four pages of women dressing/undressing and it felt less degrading and objectifying than this.

    And you know what? Batwoman’s still a sexy character, even with realistic looking boobs and without a costume that a stripper would blush at.

    Comics. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes…

  3. hotelnerd’s avatar

    To be fair, it’s probably Magneto’s fault. She should get some plastic zippers…

  4. nikbackm’s avatar

    Either many different artists feel this is the correct way to depict Rogue or perhaps it’s mandated from higher up.

    Don’t know which one feels weirdest to me. Well, think I’ll go with the first one.

  5. G.’s avatar

    Rogue’s been drawn like that on a number of X-Men: Legacy covers over the last year plus (example : ). Depending on what Mr. Cheung was using for reference, he might have thought he costume was supposed to look like that, ridiculous though it is.

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