CBR Review: John Carter – A Princess Of Mars #1

“Opening up “John Carter: A Princess of Mars” #1, I had no idea what I was getting into. A kinetic and incredibly fun Skottie Young cover, an intriguing title, and a (far too slight) familiarity with Edgar Rice Burroughs’ work suggested it was something I should try out, though, and I’m glad I did…”

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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    I think it’s odd that Marvel is adapting the 100-year old novel (serialization began in Feb 1912) when their 1970s series was recently launched as a series of trades by Dark Horse. (They licensed the character from Burroughs’ estate so they don’t own those issues; A Princess of Mars is public domain, so the adaptation is up for grabs.)

  2. litbandit’s avatar

    i like how both “John Carter” and “A Princess of Mars” are trademarked…

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