Ross Campbell on Glory

I’ve been excited for a while now about the forthcoming announcement from Image that Ross Campbell is doing the art for their new GLORY book. Look how crazy buff she is?!  I love it!!!

You can read more about the new Glory book from Image as part of the rebirth of Extreme Studios on iFanboy here, and on CBR here.



  1. ross’s avatar

    thanks for the plug, kelly!!!! <3

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    No problem. You know I’m REALLY EXCITED about this. :)

  3. Daniel C. (@ElectricV01)’s avatar

    This looks awesome! Love the art. =D

  4. Hooper Triplett’s avatar

    My only exposure to Glory is a single issue written by Terry Moore, and it ranks up there among the all-time stinkers. I’m counting on you Kelly to help me overcome my prejudice.

  5. Nat’s avatar

    I dig that character design a lot, and as someone who’s always moaning about how female superheroes rarely get body types other than ‘supermodel,’ I feel kind of obligated to at least check this out.

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