NaNo Day 01

Solid start.  Wrote 2,021 words tonight, which brings me to 36,521 total for the MS thus far.

But even though today was a commute to the office day which usually means less time available, the front of my week is always easier than the back end, so anything less than 2k today would have been a disappointment.  Didn’t love anything I wrote, but I got from point A to point B and it all works.  I’ll make it prettier later…or eventually cut it, time will tell.  Mostly I’m pleased because I wanted to stop at about 600 words, but forced myself to keep going and cruised past my 2k/day goal…okay only by 21 words, but still.

Inspirational image for something I was writing about today:

A 1971 Jaguar E Type - my character's is silver, but this is damn close. So pretty!


  1. Daniel C. (@ElectricV01)’s avatar

    Great job and keep up the good work! I think If I accomplish my 50k goal, I may splurge and buy myself a laptop.

  2. Brendan T (@TheUnholyDragon)’s avatar

    Woo! Go Kelly!

    Due to timing/computer issues, I haven’t got past plotting yet. Gonna have to do 2000+ days from here on out.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar


    @Daniel C. I am all for reward based tasks. Do it!

    @Brendan T The same thing happened to me last year. Lots of plotting, worldbuilding, etc. still had to be done when I was supposed to be writing. But it still really helped me both figure all that stuff out and to write a good chunk. Don’t give up!

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