NaNo – Day 04

Worked a very very long damn day.  Wasn’t even going to try writing tonight, but had a bunch of ideas and scenes brewing despite the exhaustion and so I gutted it out.  So glad I did.  Got a lot of great stuff and a semi-decent word count.

Today’s word count: 2,037

MS new word count:42,361

Inspirational image for a scene I was writing today:

it's a long story.


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  1. Daniel C. (@ElectricV01)’s avatar

    I am just now at 11pm-ish sitting down for my day 5 writing. Gotta stay ahead of the curve!

    By the way I was listening to your podcast most of the day. The Kelly Sue Interview is so interesting. Did you give the other X-men books a try this week? I picked up X-men and New Mutants, but not Uncanny.

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