CBR Reviews: Animal Man #3 and Villains For Hire #.1

In case you missed it from over the weekend, I have two new reviews up on CBR.

Animal Man #3

““Animal Man” continues to be one of the strongest offerings of the new DCU 52 thanks to the interesting and consistent work of both Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman.

In this third issue of “Animal Man,” Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine arrive at The Red Place thanks to Maxine’s urging and guidance. There Buddy and Maxine meet the other Animal Men, also known as Totems, and learn much about “the life web” and more importantly, what Maxine is destined for. Meanwhile at home, Ellen and Cliff are under attack by one of “The Others” that stayed behind to destroy Ellen since she gave birth to an Avatar of The Red (i.e. Maxine)…”

Villains For Hire #.1

“It’s hard to separate this new “Villains For Hire” mini-series from the sadly defunct and frequently very good “Heroes For Hire” series that preceded it, but if you can, there’s a good comic here. However, it might just be that this is a good comic because it seems solidly like an issue of “Heroes for Hire.” With only two pages of the “Villains For Hire” stuff sandwiched into an epilogue at the end, this comic feels a little unsure of what it’s supposed to be. Still, the concept, guest stars, and almost procedural nature of the “Heroes For Hire” formula can work equally well for villains, so if we were going to lose “Heroes For Hire” it’s nice to get this replacement, if only temporarily. Additionally, with the new mini-series in the hands of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, we have a good chance of getting something great…”

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  1. Uthor’s avatar

    So, would you say Villains for Hire 0.1 is a must read? I’ve skipped it and just plan on picking up #1, but this sounds like it ties up Heroes for Hire, at least better than the Spider-Island issue did.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hmm. I don’t think it’s good enough to warrant a “must read”, but it’s definitely a better book end to H4H than the Spider Island one-shot, which was good but didn’t “end” anything. This doesn’t REALLY tie anything up either, but it feels a bit more closure-y.

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