NaNo – Day 06

Miracle I got anything down today.  In fact, I started writing at 3am.  Yes folks, 3am.  COMMITMENT.

I had a long (very stressful) business meeting today and when I came home (after a short nap in a failed attempt to escape the stress followed by a not un-stressful business phone call) I had to write Monday’s She Has No Head! column…so that took up my allotted “writing time” for today.  Nonetheless, I had a scene in mind and thought I could get it down, so at 3am I dragged my laptop out and here we are.

I’m exhausted.  Time for bed and the hope for a bit more time to devote to writing tomorrow.

Today’s word count: 1,077

MS total word count: 45,132

I also hit 150 pages, so that’s nice. :)

Inspirational image for a scene I wrote today:

This is a great representation of my main character Tessa's victorian house.