NaNo – Day 19

Had to get some sleep catch up today, write a bunch of a blog posts and a column for Monday’s She Has No Head!, plus still fighting off sickness, so didn’t come close to any of my word count hopes and dreams.  But still not a bad day. Hopefully cleared out enough space for tomorrow to be very productive.  For those of you just checking in and looking for Drunk Cover Solicits…they’re going to be done over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Bad news?  You have to wait another week.  Good news?  You’ll have something to distract you during possibly boring and/or uncomfortable family time. Woo!

Today’s word count: 3,041

MS total word count: 77,752

Inspirational image for something I was writing about today:

Are shredded t-shirts back? They should be. In fact, I'M bringing them back! WOO!