NaNo – Day 24

Didn’t get much done today with illness and Thanksgiving to contend with, but managed to eek out a bit.

Thanks to all of you that have been so supportive and encouraging, and for those of you doing NaNo yourselves – keep up the great work – some of you are just killing it.

Today’s word count: 1,481

MS total word count: 90,208

Inspirational image for a scene I was writing today:


  1. Karen Mahoney’s avatar

    Kelly, you’re doing amazingly! I’ve been following your updates each day and am really impressed with your output & endurance.

    I hope you feel better soon (I am sick too. *woe*)


    p.s. How do you find all your inspirational images? Do you have a folder of them that you keep updating? Do you search out each image just before writing a particular scene? Do you search for specific things, or do you browse art stuff and just save pics you like & keep them for later?
    (Enquiring minds want to know! Okay, I’m just super curious about a fellow writer’s process.)

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hey Karen
    Thanks for coming by again.
    Your output has been impressive as well on KazNoWriMo!

    I tend to be pretty inspired visually for stuff I want to do in my novels, and I’ve been told (this still remains to be proven out on a larger scale of course) that I write pretty visually, so I suspect those two things are not unrelated.

    I tend to pull images, as I go, depending on the scenes I’m writing. The inspirational images folder for this book built up very quickly in large part because I’m writing it so quickly. There’s usually a reasonable amount of images in the folder when I’m in the plotting and idea phase – I think this is when a lot of images most inspire me and when I do the most searching – before I sit down to actually begin. Then I just search as needed – if I’m having trouble with a scene, or need some new visual cues or guidelines, etc. But yes, it’s just searching for certain things and finding what I’m looking for (and usually a whole lot more) on the internet and then saving it to research folder for future reference.

    Thanks for asking – I love process questions. :)


  3. Karen Mahoney’s avatar

    Cool, thank you!

    I find it interesting, because although I do have folders of inspiring images, I don’t write each scene *to* an image and I don’t have many of them. I’m not a particularly visual thinker/writer, so I’m envious of people who are. I need to work on that if I’m ever going to write comics! 😉


  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Of course!

    A lot of it is just practical…like I need to talk about the front of the MC’s house, and I need to have a better idea of how it looks, how many steps there would be, where the door is, etc. And some of it is more literally inspirational to driving a feeling or look or aspect of the book. It’s surprising to me how many times an image really does end up sending me in a slightly different direction. Usually a better one.

    Thinking visually definitely DOES help comics writing! :)

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