December 7, 2011

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So I told you guys I would check back in and let you know when I hit “the end” and last night, that very good thing happened.

It happened a good 10,000 words later than I wanted it to happen, but it happened notheless.

Final word count for this FINISHED draft is 119,431.

I’m going to need a week or two to clean it up, correct inconsistencies, and do some general “prettying up”…but otherwise it’s going out to my writing group and a handful of wonderful betas in the next couple weeks.  Thanks again to all of you that were so supportive while I powered through this thing in a month.  It was awesome…though I admit I am CRAZY EXHAUSTED with the mental capacity of a box of hair.

As a fun experiment, I decided to pull together a collage of all the images I posted over the last month that I drew some inspiration from for the book.  In the end, it’s only 29 images because one was throwing everything off and seemed redundant anyway, so I deleted it.  Anyway…here it is.  Hopefully any of you interested will get the opportunity to read this book someday…thanks again!