So I told you guys I would check back in and let you know when I hit “the end” and last night, that very good thing happened.

It happened a good 10,000 words later than I wanted it to happen, but it happened notheless.

Final word count for this FINISHED draft is 119,431.

I’m going to need a week or two to clean it up, correct inconsistencies, and do some general “prettying up”…but otherwise it’s going out to my writing group and a handful of wonderful betas in the next couple weeks.  Thanks again to all of you that were so supportive while I powered through this thing in a month.  It was awesome…though I admit I am CRAZY EXHAUSTED with the mental capacity of a box of hair.

As a fun experiment, I decided to pull together a collage of all the images I posted over the last month that I drew some inspiration from for the book.  In the end, it’s only 29 images because one was throwing everything off and seemed redundant anyway, so I deleted it.  Anyway…here it is.  Hopefully any of you interested will get the opportunity to read this book someday…thanks again!



  1. Novel Girl’s avatar

    Good job. Wow, that’s pretty long. Is your novel fantasy or sci-fi?

    You are so lucky to have a trusted group of writing friends to help improve your novel.

    P.S. those images spark some sexy, edgy thoughts about what your novel would be about. Nice collage!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Novel Girl. Hey, thanks for stopping by. My novel is YA (and thus 120k is VERY long for that category – it’d be better if I was in the 70k – 90k area) and I’d call it Fantasy if pressed, though I don’t think it’s what some expect when they read fantasy.

    I AM lucky as I have a writing group I’ve been with for a few years and they are fantastic and I’ve also picked up a few very brilliant betas over the years. They’ve all been invaluable to me.

    Glad you like the images – some of them work better (now that the novel is done) than others, but they’re all pretty fun. :)

  3. Maddy’s avatar

    Congrats, Kelly! That’s awesome.

  4. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    That’s wonderful, Kelly! Congratulations, you should be extremely proud. Thanks for filling us in, I hope to have the opportunity to read it.

  5. Karen Mahoney’s avatar


    *throws finishing-the-book confetti*

    And… damn, girl! That’s a long book. :)


  6. UncannyDerek’s avatar

    That’s incredibly wicked-cool.

    Regardless where the book goes, or whatever happens from it, you should be proud of yourself for accomplishing such an incredible goal.


  7. Daniel C.’s avatar

    Yay! Congrats Kelly!! =D

  8. Adam Greene’s avatar

    Y’know, you are SUCH a badass.

  9. maverickman874’s avatar

    Congrats on finishing your book.

  10. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Ah, thanks everyone. You’re all so sweet. I hope one day I can make you all go out and buy it 😉

  11. Nick Marino’s avatar

    I’m super psyched to buy a copy when this books hits. I know that’s still off somewhere in the future, but hopefully it’s sooner than later!!!

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