CBR Reviews: X-Factor #228 and X-Club #1 & Some Other Stuff…

No 3 Chicks Review Comics this week unfortunately due to personal reasons, but I believe we’ll be back next week with a new episode.  I didn’t have time to get a She Has No Head! up in its place unfortunately but there will be one or two more posts for She Has No Head! before the end of the year, so keep an eye out! But if you missed out on last week’s epic female positive gift list…get on over there!

Also, my scanner crapped out, so Panel of the Week is on temporary hiatus.  I will be putting up a couple Cover of the Week options though shortly for your enjoyment.

In the meantime here are two CBR Reviews from last week’s book.  Gotta be honest, didn’t love either of these, so read at your own risk!

X-Factor #228

““X-Factor” is a book that I like, in part because it tends to feel unlike a lot of the other X-titles. This issue, however, feels more like the other X-titles and less like “X-Factor.” As a result, it’s not that great.  “X-Factor” #228 picks up immediately after Jamie Madrox has been killed by Bloodbath while in the form of one of Madrox’s formerly dead dupes. The team tries to kill Bloodbath (without much success) until Layla works her magic and successfully exorcises him from Jamie’s body. Layla tries to bring Jamie back to life as she did with Guido earlier this year, but to no avail…”

X-Club #1

“The idea of reading a comic book about a bunch of scientists completely intrigues me. I don’t know what I hoped to find inside, but this wasn’t it. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this book; the writing and art are all acceptable. But if you’re looking for more than “acceptable,” I’m not sure it’s here.  “X-Club” #1 focuses on the X-Men’s science team (Dr. Nemesis, Kavita Rao, Madison Jeffries, and Danger) at the ceremonial (and also literal) opening of earth’s first “space elevator.” Magneto is on hand to raise a massive space station into space, and it’s a space station with a tether to the earth, which I guess is the elevator (apparently I am not as smart as any of these scientists)…”

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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    You’ve been so busy, and had a bout of illness, and the anniversary cast was soooo huge, and it’s the silly season… I hope that somewhere in all of this whirlwind excitement that you are able to take some time and rest and relax. You certainly deserve it!

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    I agree that a science team book is an interesting concept, but it’s probably one of the hardest things to write well. You constantly have to dodge the fact that a fake science problem with fake science solutions is little more than a chain of plot devices. Because of that I was actually quite pleased to see them bring out the hard scifi concept of a space elevator (we could build one now for the moon, and the only thing stopping one for Earth is the strength versus weight of materials). Unfortunately the actual elevator didn’t seem to have much relevance – it seems to have just been an excuse for the X-Men to get involved with a company which is doing something dodgy. Which apparently causes a made-up medical condition that involves shooting energy beams then exploding.

    Supplementary information :p
    The idea of the “space elevator” is you have a teather running all the way up from the earth’s surface to a large counterweight in orbit. The actual “elevators” would be vehicles that climb up the teather from the surface to orbit. You can’t have a traditional elevator where the teather is fixed to the top of the elevator, as the length of the teather would be far too great to wind up, and the materials you’d need to make it out of probably wouldn’t be flexible enough to wind up either.

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