Glory #24 Cover Solicit…!

I bitch and moan (fairly regularly) during Drunk Cover Solicits about being tired of “split face” covers where a comic character’s face is split down the middle. I think I even said recently that I was officially over those kind of covers.

Well, sometimes it’s damn good to be wrong.  Check out this dynamic completely badass Ross Campbell Glory #24 cover (which is issue #2 since its “re-start”).  “Split face” and all, it’s awesome.

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  1. ross’s avatar

    aw, thanks for the plug! <3

    i didn't realize the amount of split-face images when i did this cover, or i wasn't thinking about it until recently when you brought it up and secretly thought "i wonder if Kelly will hate my Glory 24 cover, yikes!" but glad you like it. :) maybe it's better because the split-face actually has an in-story context, it's just a fancy thing for the cover?

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