CBR Reviews: The Walking Dead #93, Voodoo #5, and I, Vampire #5…

Some CBR Reviews from last week’s comics in case you missed them!

The Walking Dead #93

“Like a great song building towards a powerful crescendo, “The Walking Dead” has always had an impressive ebb and flow when taken on the whole. But sometimes, with a long month between issues, the ebb can feel a bit too long, so it’s nice when even an issue with a lot of ebb still resonates so powerfully.

In this issue, a stranger has come to the community and offers a lifeline in the form of introducing Rick’s community to a larger network of communities which could include trade routes and who knows what else…”

Voodoo #5

“With new writer Joshua Williamson on board for “Voodoo” #5, I decided to give the book another try.

In “Voodoo” #5, Voodoo is on the verge of completing her mission when she’s intercepted by a Daemonite in disguise.  Williamson throws a lot of what amounts to Daemonite racism and bravado around with little actual action. The result is that Voodoo is able to easily kill him.  As she moves to complete her mission (and prove herself to the disbelievers that felt a half breed such as herself couldn’t be trusted) she notices a file with her name on it and, curiosity being what it is, she opens it up.  Meanwhile Agent Fallon and Black Jack head to an underground lab because Agent Fallon has had an idea we’re not privy to. In the last pages, it’s revealed that the Voodoo we’ve been following is a clone, and another Voodoo (it’s unclear if she’s the original) is prisoner in a basement lab somewhere.  Clone Voodoo is shocked, as clones usually are.

I, Vampire #5

“I, Vampire” continues to be a unique offering of the new DCU, and the way that its vampire war ties in to the universe at large has great potential. Seeing the book effortlessly work in Batman this month should leave readers even more excited about what’s to come. 
In this issue, Batman finally learns of the vampire war and ends up confronting Bennett, John Troughton and Tig as they try to chase down Mary Queen of Blood and save a series of her latest victims before it’s too late…”

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