She Has No Head – No, It’s Not Equal

So I posted a big piece today for She Has No Head! called “No, It’s Not Equal”, it’s liable to cause a shitstorm, as these pieces seem to, so if you’re a fan of my position on sexism and objectification in comics then please head on over and show your support in the comments!

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  1. John’s avatar

    Read all the comments on CBR. Looks like it was a hit, and for the most part people were respectful. Great job.

  2. ross’s avatar

    in that picture it looks like Spider-Man is surfing on Captain America.

  3. Chris Vincent (@chrisvin32)’s avatar

    Wow, some of the comments over there. I’m not usually one to leave comments but I just want to say keep fighting that good fight. I’ve never understood why some people can’t at least try to empathize with someone else’s point of view, even when they don’t see things the same way. Leep up the great work, both with your columns and the podcast.

  4. maverickman874’s avatar

    Excellent article. You couldn’t have laid out position with any more clarity that while people can like the current depictions of characters, it certainly isn’t equal.

    As a dude, for me personally, it depends on the comic/situation or particular case at hand. In other words I tend to look at things on a case by case basis before drawing conclusions. I love the Jerome Openas, Samnees and Riveras of the world. At the same time I like my Frank Cho and occasionally Land/Benes as well.

    I do think that men nowadays wouldn’t be driven away from comics if the sexualization is decreased a tad.

  5. Dee’s avatar

    Dear Kelly,
    I’m writing this to let you know how much I appreshite the article that you have written. As a girl who’s loved comic art ever since she can remember I always find some of the portrayls disheartening so I leave and come back in some sort of endless cycle much like an idiot. And The fandom it seems makes it so much worse for girls and women like me since we are usually seen as something less. That we are not worthy of being fans, which isn’t true in the least bit.
    So again thank you so much for the article and keep up the good fight

  6. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    I’ve yet to squeeze the time to read the article and comments in full (which I really, really want to do), but what I’ve skimmed and what I know of you – good work. Keep clubbin’ the baby trolls.

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