She Has No Head! – Is the Destruction of The Amazons the Destruction of Feminism in DC Comics?

So yeah. I wrote this thing about the latest Wonder Woman controversy for She Has No Head! this week. I hope you’ll all go read it, because I feel strongly about it and it’s liable to stir up yet another shit storm and I’m sure I’m going to need all the support I can get. Comments, welcome, and much needed! Thanks guys.

For those of you expecting 3 Chicks today, we’ll be back in April with two new episodes and two AMAZING guest stars. Stay tuned!

Diana is tired. Me too.


  1. wileadam86’s avatar

    I stopped reading Wonder Woman before issue 7 but after reading about issue 7 and reading your column I must say I completely support your points. I love classical mythology, but with the current state of female superheroes in DC comics… it is just so frustrating and saddening, there are times when I almost feel like it is a good that Cass Cain is nowhere to be seen so II won’t have to read something horrible about her

  2. wileadam86’s avatar

    I completely support your points. I love classical mythology, but with the current state of female superheroes in the DC universe… it is just so frustrating and saddening.

    and if anyone attacks you for your thoughts, know that I got your back

  3. pretendernx01’s avatar

    I never cared for this new direction for Wonder Woman.

    I hated how Azzerello took away her all female creation, even stating “everyone has a father” in such a context that he seemed to disqualify her queer followers too.

    Wonder Woman’s original origin was still Greek in that it echoed the myth of the sculptor Pygmailion, but with her mother as the sculptor asking Athena to make it real. A woman created by women.

    This Thor-girl or Lady-Hercules is just unnecessary. She is no longer unique.

    Wonder Woman was inspired by Greek myth but she was never meant to be defined by the myths of man. there is no need to try and match Wonder Woman’s Amazons to those of classical mythology, because they are not the same.

    On the 2010 reboot JMS did, Gloria Steinham said that Wonder Woman was meant to change the world and yet the new one seems changed to fit the world.

    I think that applies here.

  4. Hal’s avatar

    Kelly, I read and enjoyed your analysis of WW #7 but after keeping an eye on the comments wow it’s dispiriting just like your last “controversial” column (though not quite as bad) some really *hideous* creatures crawled out of the woodwork. It’s amazing how many people are apparently unable to read properly, even if they were unaware of your previous favourable attitude to the Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman it’s right there in your fricking column! How can one take their arguments seriously when they purposely misunderstand what you wrote? As for the argument that art is not connected to the “real” world – as the kidz say WTF? Of all the ridiculous… This stuff makes me angry but also incredibly sad. With all the terrible things going on in the world these repulsive attitudes – which go beyond merely disagreeing with your opinion into the arena of pretending that none of the problems you highlight even exist or if they do are of no consequence which translates into “f**k the women, gays, the disabled, the vulnerable etc because what do *they* matter?” sickening – are deeply depressing.
    I must admit that I hated the idea of WW as a horror comic even before this and the revelation that Zeus is Diana’s father already took away from the concept’s uniqueness but this crap is for me unconscionable whether Azzarello plans a twist or not. I loathed the closing pages with Hephaestus acting the wronged party as well. Yeah, I’m a barrel of laughs ;). Where’s the joy, the optimism and why are there so many fake Alan Moores out there?!
    You will have read Colin Smith’s article on his weblog I assume? You really should team up on an article it could be insightful and interesting. Nice work Ms T.

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